The Truth About Controlled Drinking and Alcoholism

The Truth About Controlled Drinking and Alcoholism


People who have struggled with a drinking problem in the past might be wondering about controlled drinking techniques in order to solve their problem.  This is a very natural tendency for any human to want to pursue.  If you are having a problem controlling your drinking, then simply devise a new system by which you can better control it.  Makes sense, right?  This is very logical to us because this is how we approach other problems in our lives, and this type of approach normally yields good results.

What are some methods of controlling your drinking?  One way is to limit the number of drinks you consume in a day.  For example, you might limit yourself to only 3 drinks per day, no more.  Sounds reasonable, right?

Or, you might make a deal with yourself that you will only drink after, say, 4PM each day.  You will not allow yourself to start drinking any earlier than 4 in the afternoon.

Or, you might make a deal with yourself that you will only drink a certain kind of alcohol, such as beer.  No more hard liquor for you!  Just beer, and you will be fine.

Now if you have had a problem with drinking at some point in your life, and you can successfully use one of these techniques here (or a variation of them) to learn to control your drinking, then that is good for you.  I applaud your efforts and I hope your life works out great.  Truly I do.  To anyone who can drink without getting into problems, I give you my blessing and I wish you good day.

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If you have learned to control to your drinking, then “my hat is off to you,” as they say in the Big Book of AA.

Of course, this is the part where you have to get honest with yourself.  Really honest.  And it might take a bit of time for you to learn the real truth.  If you have had a drinking problem in the past, and you have to consciously try to control your drinking, then those are not good signs.  It might be true that your previous “drinking problem” was nothing but a mere glitch, and really you are a “normal drinker.”  But more likely is that you are in denial and will experience greater problems down the road.

For me, I tried most of these silly drinking strategies and all of them worked for about a day, maybe a day and a half.  After that I was out of control again.  You see, when I am restricting my drinking, I am not happy, and when I am not restricting it, I am out of control.  There is no in between.  That is what an alcoholic is.

The key is to stay honest with yourself and not deny any problems you experience.  If your drinking is not a problem, then it’s not a problem.  But if it becomes one, then it will be important for you to realize it quickly and take action.  People who have to try to control their drinking are usually in denial.  Just my experience of course.  Your results may vary.


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