College Drinking Counts

College Drinking Counts


How many times have you heard, “I’m still in college. Drinking is not a problem for x more years”? This statement echoes across college campuses. Sadly, some of these students never reach these “later years.” Alcohol has similar effects whether you are in college or the work force. It does not discriminate.

Some Statistics

According to a recent study, four out of five college students drink. And half of those students are binge drinking. Many health problems, ranging from injury to death, have been noted due to this excessive alcohol consumption. A significant percentage of students are unintentionally injured under the influence. About 25 percent of college students get lower grades than they are capable of receiving. This academic letdown can be caused by missing class or shirking on homework due to hours spent binge drinking. College drinking has also contributed to violence and death. And the victim is not always partaking.

Preventative Measures

The above statistics take note of some of the more drastic effects of college drinking. Alcohol does play a large role in a college social life, and it is difficult to convince students that it is not necessary to drink to have a good time in college. However, for those who choose to drink, there are methods for keeping these habits from getting out of hand. Make sure to advertise risks widely across campus. Though notices often blend into the background, the message can still stick. Throw campus parties that include mocktails. This demonstrates that drinking games can be played with non-alcoholic drinks, rather than the alcohol “necessary” for college night life. It provides a safe environment for students to socialize.

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Join the Resistance

“If you can’t beat them, join them.” This is not an invitation to get wild with the more intense advocates for college drinking. Telling crazy stories of nights that ended badly is a valuable psychological technique.. The message about how risky binge drinking is may get through. Those who use the excuse, “I’m still in college” may have second thoughts.

Show How Much You Care

At times, college life can be confusing. It is a period in which great change occurs and often includes experimentation to find the lifestyle that fits best. This can lead to dangerous decisions that can get out of hand. Parents and older friends should check in to see what’s going on: they should let the students know that they are available for advice and support. Then, if a student is troubled he/she knows where he/she can turn.

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