Treating the Disease of Chronic Alcoholism

Treating the Disease of Chronic Alcoholism


The term chronic alcoholism refers to the fact that alcoholism is a persistent disease that does not go away on its own.  The disease persists in a person and continues to progress and get worse as time goes on.  Alcoholism always gets worse over time, never better.  This can be true even if the alcoholic stops drinking for a period.  If they pick back up at some point, they are often much worse, as if they had been continuing to drink all along.

In the end, alcoholism is fatal if left untreated.  The best way to treat alcoholism is to maintain a life of abstinence and stop drinking altogether.  There are some who try to control their drinking and have different programs and techniques to try and do so, but these have never had much success.  Alcoholism is defined by the inability to control consumption, so it makes sense that the only solution for most people is complete abstinence.

Even if a person is abstinent and living in recovery, they could still pick up a drink at any time and be right back at their old level of consumption.  An alcoholic could be sober for 20 years straight and suddenly pick up a drink and turn back into a monster overnight.  The effect is quite dramatic and everyone who has done this and relapsed after long periods of sobriety always say that they go right back to where they left off in their drinking and are even a bit worse.  It always gets worse, even after long periods of clean time.

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Because alcoholism is a chronic disease, the solution must be chronic as well.  So those in recovery have to push themselves to keep growing continuously in order to stay sober in the long run.  If they are working a program of recovery and using that as their recovery solution, they can not afford to slack off in any way because doing so will give the chronic state of alcoholism to creep back into their life.  The disease never really goes away completely and it is always there just under the surface, waiting to come out.  Therefore you need to stay vigilant in recovery and keep pushing yourself to grow holistically in order to stay sober.

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A great insurance policy against relapse is working with other alcoholics.  Nothing else can provide the same level of protection against relapse when it comes to recovery.  Find a way to reach out to other alcoholics on a daily basis, and your recovery will become much stronger as a result.

Other helpful strategies include:

1) Pursuing personal growth on a regular basis by setting goals for yourself.

2) Embracing a holistic health style of living, such that you push yourself to be healthier in all areas of your life.

3) Pushing yourself for better health through exercise and proper nutrition.

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