Should You Attend a Christian Alcohol Treatment Center?

Should You Attend a Christian Alcohol Treatment Center?


Is a Christian alcohol treatment center the right choice for you?  This will depend entirely on the struggling alcoholic in question and how receptive they are to a message that contains a religious slant to it.  But of course it is a bit more complicated than that, as sometimes we are lousy predictors of what will and will not work for us when it comes to alcohol treatment.

For example, there are a number of people who I have spoke with who strongly resisted the idea of a religious based treatment center for alcoholism, but they ended up going to one anyway.  Why?  Because it was “the last house on the block with the light still on.”  They were down and out and had no where to go, and the only place that would take them in was a Christian treatment center.  So they went, even though they strongly resisted the idea.

Some of these people in that situation do not do well, and typically end up leaving pretty quickly or getting kicked out or whatever.  But a certain percentage of people, however small, find the opportunity at Christian rehab to turn their life around.  Something clicks with them there that had never clicked before in their life, and they start embracing a healthier life.  They start making positive changes and better choices.  Even though they initially resisted the idea of religious treatment–sometimes even strongly resisted the idea–they come to accept it and do quite well with it.

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Now does this mean that everyone who is struggling with alcoholism should immediately go seek out a Christian alcohol rehab?  Of course not.  But it does point out the opportunity, and the need for open mindedness in early recovery.  If you are open to the idea of trying something new, and trying something that may not exactly fit with your existing belief system, then you are probably going to do well in recovery.

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Think about it like this: for alcoholics, our ideas about how to live a good life are pretty awful. We know nothing about successful living.  Our lives have become a train wreck, simply based on the fact that we try to be happy by drinking too much all the time.  In essence, our belief system is flawed.  We are acting according to our core beliefs.  We believe that we need to reach out and grab some happiness in our life, and the only way we know how is to get smashed.  Our belief system is failing us.

In order to change our lives from the inside out, we actually have to start living a new belief system, day in and day out, and our internal beliefs will follow.  We can’t change our minds first.  We have to change our actions and let our minds follow.  We can get started on this process by opening up to a new form of treatment, if we have the willingness.

Is this path for everyone?  No.  There are many paths.  But stay open to new ideas, and find something that works for you.  This might be your chosen path.


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