What can I expect out of alcohol rehab?

What can I expect out of alcohol rehab?


Alcohol rehab programs vary from one another and there is no “one size fits all” alcohol program  for addiction recovery in the market. Before you decide to take on alcohol rehab, you should be clear about your expectations from such a program. Once your expectations are clear in your mind, choosing the right alcohol rehab program should be a breeze.

Group and Individual Therapy

Generally, alcohol rehab centers provide both group and individual therapy to patients. Choose the one that suits your needs the best:

Group therapy helps people gain from others’ experiences. In group therapy, alcohol rehab takes place in a support group and people often share their problems and plans with each other. Such programs are good for people who tend to do things under social pressure. Peer encouragement and a healthy spirit of competition are the biggest motivators in a group therapy. If you are one of those people who gains motivation when others recognize and appreciate their efforts, group therapy is for you!

Individual therapy, on the other hand, is more suited to people who feel embarrassed about their addiction to alcohol. A number of people do not prefer to disclose their condition, even to the counselor at first. For such people, receiving a one on one consultation is a better way to cope with addiction than in a group setting. Moreover, individual therapy helps people jot down a blueprint specific to their needs.

Extended Therapy

Addiction therapy contains more than just clinical encounters. Rehab therapy is about long lasting lifestyle changes. Therefore, extended care (also called aftercare) is important for the overall success of the program. The extent and duration of extended care varies from individual to individual. While some people need just a few days of aftercare to start living a normal life, others may require aftercare for years. You can consult a professional to assess your personality type, based on which he will suggest a suitable extended therapy program.

Medical and Psychological Evaluation

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Most alcohol rehab centers conduct preliminary medical checks on patients. Medical checks are conducted by rehab centers to figure out if the patient has been suffering from alcohol-related physical damages. Damages to vital organs such as the liver, heart, kidney, and pancreas are unearthed during medical evaluation. You can expect most rehab centers to undertake this study before they enroll you for the program.

Rehab centers also carry out psychological evaluation of the patients in order to find out about any alcohol-related mental health disorders in the patients. Depression, anxiety and common behavioral disorders are evaluated in a preliminary psychological evaluation. Based on the outcome of the medical and the psychological evaluations, a patient is suggested the proper treatment. Some patients are given a dual diagnosis treatment in cases when alcohol abuse is coupled with either or both a medical and/or mental disorder.

Now that you know the finer aspects of the modus-operandi of a typical alcohol rehab program, I am sure you would be able to choose the right rehab program for your specific needs.

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