Avoiding the Negative Consquences of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Avoiding the Negative Consquences of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism


What are some tips for avoiding the negative consequences of drug addiction and alcoholism?

* Get honest with yourself – if you are in a situation where you are constantly having problems in your life, maybe it is time to take a look at what is really going on.  Blaming others for your problems can be a huge sign of denial.  Perhaps you are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Perhaps not.  Maybe they are a huge part of the problem, and maybe they are not.  Now if there are people in your life who are telling you that you need to stop drinking or drugging, you might take them up on that for a 30 day trial just to see what happens.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in addiction and place blame on others.  It is easy to justify our using due to all the chaos and pain in our lives.  But if you have not done 30 days clean and sober, you are not in a place to judge this for yourself.

* Isolate yourself.  Yeah right.  That was put there to catch you!  Most addicts and alcoholics think this is a great idea.  ”I’ll just distance myself from other people, since I cannot seem to get along with them, or because they do not approve of my drug or alcohol use.”  If you have had this line of thinking then you are most definitely addicted and need to seek professional help.

* Ask for help and take suggestions – this is the most powerful solution for avoiding the negative aspects of addiction.  If you ask for help (from just about anyone, does not matter much) then take their suggestions, your life will almost certainly improve.  This is because pretty much everyone will direct you toward professional substance abuse services of some sort, whether that be rehab, or counseling, or AA meetings, or whatever.  Once you become open to getting help, then wherever you go will probably help you to get even more help with better placement somewhere.  So a trip to a counselor might result in inpatient treatment.  A trip to short term rehab might end up as a visit to long term rehab.  Any of these might eventually direct you towards AA or NA meetings.  And so on.  Once you become willing to seek help, then all sorts of avenues will likely open up to you.

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* Cut down on the drugs or alcohol.  Yeah right.  Another trap!  No, if you can cut down on drugs or alcohol, and it actually works for you, then why are you here reading this article?  You are here because you are addicted and you cannot successfully cut down.

See, we can fool ourselves so easily, in that we have all had brief periods when we were able to moderate our drug or alcohol intake successfully.  Think about that.  Every addict, every alcoholic–all of them have had brief periods where they were able to control it, and still have fun with it.  And they hang on to those memories.  That is denial.

Denial is when we hang on to the idea that we can drink or use drugs like normal folk, and not get into trouble.

But if you are here reading this article, chances are quite good that you are not “normal folk.”  Chances are very good that you are addicted.  And if that is the case, then you need to break through that denial and change your life in a big way.  Doing so is best done when you ask for help and start taking suggestions.  From there, your life can only get better.

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