Successful Alcoholism Treatments Require Hard Work

Successful Alcoholism Treatments Require Hard Work


What are the most successful alcoholism treatments?  Do they involve 12 step programs?  Are religious based programs effective?  Do medications for cravings help much?  What about therapy and counseling….can they be beneficial?

These are all valid questions and the answers to them might be important for you.  But in reality you can look at a wide range of different treatments for alcoholism and see what is truly important in helping someone to recover.  You might think that it is a certain program, such as the 12 step model.  Or you might think that it is the spiritual component of treatment that is the big secret to success for recovering alcoholics.

In reality it is none of that stuff.  The sad fact is that most struggling alcoholics do not find sobriety and change their life.  This is true regardless of what programs or treatment approaches they try.

I am not saying that these different treatments do not work or that you should not try them.  I am merely pointing out that typical success rates are quite low, regardless of what treatment strategy you are examining.  There is no magic bullet.

However, we can look at various alcoholic treatment methods and see a common thread of success.  We can consider those who have stayed sober using counseling and therapy versus those who have found success in AA and also compare with those who work a religious based program.  When we look at the success stories from these different treatment models, what do we learn?  What is the key to success?

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The key is massive action.  This is the big secret that drives success in recovery.  The exact program you are working is irrelevant.  Whether it is secular recovery or religious based or 12 step based or therapy based does not seem to matter one bit.  None of those treatment methods have a huge edge over the others and the reason is because the magic is in the motivation and the inner drive of the individual.  The success comes from the passion to live a new life and the passion to embrace sobriety.  The actual strategy and methods for achieving this are minor details.

Yes, you probably still need some sort of workable plan to recover.  I am not suggesting that you abandon your treatment method of choice.  But understand that there is no magic mojo in it.  If it is an abstinence based program of recovery then the details are just little bits of fluff.  The real magic happens when you apply the program and take huge action every day in your life.

Consider that those who are successful in recovery are almost always:

1) Working extremely hard at it and dedicating their life to recovery, regardless of which program they happen to follow.

2) Passionate about helping others in recovery.

3) Taking positive actions every day and working towards goals in their lives.

If you just sort of make a half hearted effort in your recovery then you are in for disappointment and relapse.  The real win is when you try with everything you’ve got.  That is where success comes from in recovery.


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