Is there an Alcoholism Cure that Always Works?

Is there an Alcoholism Cure that Always Works?


Is there an alcoholism cure that can work for any alcoholic?  Is there likely to be a cure for alcoholism in the future?

For the moment, we are not at the point of having a cure, and in fact we are not much better than we were 100 years ago when it comes to treating substance abuse.  The science and medical study of treating addiction is growing lately, and new medications are always being developed.  But for right now, the picture remains rather dismal, and success rates are arguably worse than what they were 100 years ago when it comes to helping alcoholics.

There is a magic pill called Campral that is supposed to reduce alcohol cravings.  It helps, and it might even show some decent numbers in clinical trials, but certainly nothing to write home about.  No one is calling it anywhere near a cure.  And at the treatment center I work at, nearly every person who leaves taking this particular medicine seems to come back for more treatment at a later date.  Hardly what I would call a magic cure for alcoholism.

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If not medicine, are their other means of treatment that qualify as a cure?  Definitely not.  I recently experienced a situation where one of the most dedicated recovering alcoholics that I know just relapsed.  This was quite shocking to everyone because this person had dedicated their life to helping others in recovery for so long.  There is no such thing as a cure, and no one is immune to relapse.

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What about an alcohol cure after a person has been sober for several years, and is actively working a program of recovery?  Sorry, still not cured. People who have multiple years of recovery still do relapse.  It happens all the time, frequently enough to remind us all that we are not immune to the threat.

Will there ever be a cure?  Probably not.  Some medical professionals are hopeful, but as a recovering alcoholic, I think I know better.  Any cure they can come up with can still be obliterated by an alcoholic who is bent on self destruction.  You can’t cure suicide, and alcoholism is a slow form of suicide.  Really, what can you do against someone who is happy to slowly poison themselves?  If you have a happy pill, then this “cure” is in danger of becoming the next drug of choice.  This happens all the time with anxiety medications for alcoholics when their doctor gives them anxiety medicine.

No, there are no easy answers, and probably never will be.

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