Alcoholics Treatment

Alcoholics Treatment


Some of the best alcoholics treatment is that which challenges the individual to grow as a person and better serve the world.  This can happen in a number of different ways and through a variety of different programs.

Most people who are introduced to recovery from alcoholism are going to do so through Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.  There is nothing necessarily wrong with this and for many people that program is a good fit.  If it works for you and leads you to good things in your life then run with it.  They have a saying and that is “If it a’int broke don’t fix it.”  Of course this applies to any recovery program, including AA, and if you are getting good results from the 12 step program then it makes sense to continue with it.

However 12 step recovery is not for everyone, and thus you might want to find your own path to sobriety.  If this is the case then your options are a bit fewer but you can still potentially learn how to stop drinking on your own.  My first recommendation for anyone with this goal is to reconsider and at least concede that they need to ask for help initially.  When we are first trying to get sober is when we most need help and guidance from others, so it makes sense to at least give the idea of “asking for help in early recovery” a chance to work in our life.  The refusal to do so is usually a pretty strong indicator of denial, rather than that of a strong individual.

One way to get help in early recovery is to attend an alcohol treatment center.  This makes sense on a number of levels and is almost always a smart move if you also happen to be physically addicted to alcohol.  Some people get the shakes when they go for a day or two without drinking, and those are the folks who benefit the most by checking into a detox unit.  There is danger involved in detoxing yourself from alcohol so this should be taken into account as well.  Ask for help, people….this should become your mantra in early recovery.

Now most anyone can sober up for a few days or even a few weeks but as they say in recovery “the trick is in staying stopped.”  How can you maintain sobriety and start enjoying a new life in recovery?  This is where the mechanics of a recovery program come into play and that is the whole point of things such as a 12 step program.  If you are going to work the steps in AA then that is great….go get to it, you have a solution and a direction.  But if you are going to do it on your own or avoid AA, then you still need to take action.

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There is no magic in any recovery program per se….the magic is in taking consistent action towards a more positive life.  If you can incorporate spiritual growth into your life that is even better.  If you can incorporate holistic growth and start focusing on growth in many areas of your life, then you are really going to be rocking.

Most will either sink or swim in recovery….there is very little in between.  People either rise above their addiction and manage to change their life completely, or they end up relapsing and wind up back where they started.  The alcoholic who is passionate about recovery and finds real meaning and purpose in their new life…that is the one who is going to make it and manage to avoid relapse.  Those who just sort of get half involved with some recovery concepts or programs, they are not going to do so well, and thus fall back into their old patterns.

Recovery is a pass / fail proposition.  You either sink or swim.

Get passionate about life.  No program is going to save you, unless you happen to be passionate about that program.  No religion is going to save you, unless you happen to be passionate about that religion.

Thus the programs and the recovery concepts are mere gimmicks.  The real magic has to do with your passion and motivation.

Recovery is work, no matter how you go about it.

Deep down, we all know this to be true anyway, don’t we?

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