Alcoholics and Addicts Facing Reality

Alcoholics and Addicts Facing Reality


Alcoholics and addicts facing reality is not the most common thing in the world.  Most of their lives, those who are addicted will seek to avoid reality at all costs and stay medicated and numb to their reality.

And what is the reality that they are avoiding?  At the deepest level, it is their feelings.  Most people do not want to look at that and see that their feelings are what are so powerful.  When someone gets upset, or gets scared, or gets angry, and ends up drinking or using drugs over it, it always because of a feeling that they experienced.

Now of course, addicts and alcoholics use drugs and drink every single day in many cases, and they do so because they are addicted.  A lot of times they do not need an excuse; they drink and drug because that is just what they do.  But underneath all that is a complicated framework of emotions that they are actually medicating with their use, whether they realize it or not.

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In almost all cases, the addict medicates out of fear.  They are covering up inadequacies because they are afraid.  If and when they get sober, they have to face these fears head on and deal with them in some way or they will eventually return to drinking and using.  We cannot live in fear and if we do then we will tend to self medicate.

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When an alcoholic is ready to change then they will have to get honest.  They will have to face reality and face the fact that they can no longer drink like a normal person can.  They will have to face the fact that they cannot control their drug use and that they are out of control when they attempt to do so.  They will have to face the fact that they do not like their life and that what they have been doing has not been working well for them.  They will have to admit that they do not really know the best way to live.  It is a humbling admission.

How does an addict bounce back from such a defeat?  How do they continue on with a successful life of sobriety after surrendering like this?  They have to take action.  If they just sit around and think nice thoughts about being sober, this will do nothing.  They have to take massive action in order to recovery and make a new life for themselves in recovery.

Success can build on itself in recovery, if you are willing to start taking some suggestions and move forward. Instead of sacrificing your life to a drug or a chemical, you can find a new freedom from simply taking some basic suggestions in recovery.  This is counter-intuitive, because we believe that if we surrender and relinquish control, it will result in less freedom.  But the truth is that this will set us free.

Take suggestions and follow through with willing action.  This is the path to success in recovery.


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