The Risks of Alcoholic Seizures

The Risks of Alcoholic Seizures


If you are quitting drinking then alcoholics seizures are a real serious threat.  Most people will not have one and in fact probably less than one percent of alcoholics who quit drinking will have a seizure, but it is still a real possibility and it is dangerous so you need to understand the risks.

Seizures among alcoholics are much more common in heavy drinkers who have been drinking for a very long time.  The combination of those 2 things is what is most likely to lead to ripe seizure conditions when someone stops drinking cold turkey.

The biggest risk that you need to understand is that anyone can have a seizure, including people who have never had one before.  A lot of alcoholics falsely believe that they are immune to the possibility, simply because they do not have a seizure history.  I work in an alcohol detox unit and I have seen dozens of first time seizures from people who have never had one and did not think that they could have one.  It does happen.

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The outcomes were always good when I witnessed seizures in the treatment center but that is because there was medical staff there to respond.  Without being in a treatment center, someone detoxing from alcohol is running a bit of a risk in that they might have a seizure unattended.  If they are at home by themselves then falling is a real possibility too because obviously you can not choose when or where you will have a seizure.  They just come out of nowhere and if you happen to be standing or walking then you are going to fall hard.

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If you do go to rehab, they will put you on medication when you get there so that your chances of having a seizure are greatly reduced.  In some cases, heavy drinkers will have a seizure anyway when they are going through detox.  Some people are worried that they are going to get addicted to medication when they are in rehab, but this fear is not realistic. They will give you the medicine to help you get through detox and they will give it in measured doses and taper you off of it.  You will be drug free when you leave rehab and the medicine will only help to prevent these seizures from occurring. Most rehab centers do not even use addictive medication any more to detox people from alcohol, like they used to do in the old days.

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