The Biggest Key to a Successful Alcoholic Recovery

The Biggest Key to a Successful Alcoholic Recovery


The key to a successful alcoholic recovery is for the struggling person to take on their recovery in two separate phases.  The first phase is early recovery, where they are taking massive amounts of action in order to elicit massive changes in their lives.  This has to happen in order to establish any kind of solid foundation for sobriety.  Anyone who has found any sort of success in recovery can look back and say “Yes, I had to change everything.“  Not just some things, not just stuff that had to do with my drinking, but quite literally, everything had to change.

How does this massive change occur?  It happens through daily action.  So for example, if you normally go to work each day, leave work and go to a bar, then come home and continue drinking, then go to bed….then obviously there is a lot of stuff there that has to change.  Not only would the bar routine have to change, but the drinking at home routine would have to change, and quite possibly you might even need a new job entirely.  So literally, every waking hour of your day might be completely different after you are in early recovery.  Different job, different people, and maybe going to therapy or a meeting after work instead of to the bar.  You get the idea.  Everything is different.

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If you just changed some things it would not work.  Or say that you started going to an AA meeting once each week.  What is that going to do?  Nothing.  It is not enough change.  It is not drastic enough.  It is not massive action.

Early recovery has to have lots of action occur in a big way.  Every day, positive action.  Consistently over time.  This is the only way to establish a foundation of sobriety in early recovery.  If you try to make a lessor attempt at this, or use a more half hearted approach, then you are going to fail.

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Now what happens after you take all this massive action and make it through early recovery?  What happens after you have this foundation of sobriety?  Then you have to learn how to actually live a life full of purpose.  You have to transition to a life of balance and holistic growth.  This is not the same thing as early recovery.  There is a different path at this point and you will need to grow and change in your recovery in order to make it in the long term.

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