What do You Do After Alcoholic Detox?

What do You Do After Alcoholic Detox?


The point of alcoholic detox is to get the alcoholic to a stable condition and get their body clean from alcohol.  In some cases this is easier said than done and alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous in some situations.  The best way to detox from alcohol is to do so under medical supervision.  This can be done in an alcohol treatment center or a drug rehab.

Now the real question that you need to ask yourself is this: after I detox from alcohol, what I am going to do next?  This is the most important question you can ask because if you just leave detox without any sort of plan then you are pretty much doomed to relapse.  Now obviously you do not want that to happen because you just went through all the trouble of getting dried out in rehab.  So what can you do to insure that you do not return to drinking?

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What needs to happen is that you have to make the biggest effort of your entire life in terms of taking real action on a solution.  You don’t need a million dollar strategy or even a great game plan.  What you need is stellar execution.

What I am saying is that your ability to stay sober is all about your passion and your drive and the fury with which you pursue recovery. The actual program you follow and the details are pretty much meaningless.  The magic happens when you make the decision every single in your recovery to take massive action toward sobriety.

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What qualifies as being massive?  Well for example you could go to 2 to 4 meetings every day after you leave treatment. Or you could find a sponsor and spend time with them every single day.  Or perhaps you could find a way to work with other alcoholics and make it into a core part of your life.  The point is not to do these things but to do them in a really big way.  Don’t just go to a meeting and call your sponsor once a week.  That is a lame recipe for relapse.  Instead, go big.  Get passionate.  Get intense. If you are going to do recovery stuff then do it to the max.  Go berserk with recovery.  Go overboard with it.  Early recovery is not a time for balance.  Long term sobriety is where you need balance in your life but in early recovery you need a big freaking sledge hammer.  Follow up your detox with massive action and you will do well in recovery.  If you have some meager plan that is flimsy and not specific then you are setting yourself up for failure.


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