Moving Beyond an Alcoholic Addiction

Moving Beyond an Alcoholic Addiction


Anyone who has an alcoholic addiction is probably struggling to find a solution for their life and to put down the bottle.  This is easier said than done as any alcoholic can quickly tell you.  The disease is baffling in terms of how difficult it can be to stop.

What keeps most people from ever attempting recovery is fear.  It takes real guts to face the world without the crutch of alcohol once you are fully addicted to it.  Learning how to deal with life again without running and hiding your emotions in a bottle takes real courage.  It is not a light task and most alcoholics will never even try to get sober.

Of those who do attempt to conquer their addiction to alcohol, most will fail without even really getting started.  Some will go to rehab and decide that they like being heavily medicated instead.  Others will go to an AA meeting and decide that they are not yet ready to bare their soul to the world.

But some people will summon the courage to make an effort to at least stop drinking and change their life.  Some will even go on to lead an awesome life of recovery, fully enjoying their new found sobriety and turning over a whole new leaf.  The percentage of alcoholics who actually make it to this point and stay sober for multiple years is very, very low. But it can be done, and it is being accomplished by many alcoholics every single day.

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One of the big keys to recovery is to find passion and purpose in life. Some alcoholics who get sober just sort of run out of steam after a few months, or even a few years, because they are not passionate enough about their sobriety.  If you do not treasure your sobriety then you are going to lose it.  If you are not excited about the potential and the possibilities that each day gives you now that you are sober, then you are headed for certain relapse.

So how do you find this passion and purpose in your life?

If I could answer that question specifically, I would have to know you very, very well.  In fact, I could not answer that question for myself when I was brand new to recovery.

It takes time to find your passion.  Allow yourself this time and let it come to you.  You can create a new life for yourself that is worth living.  Give it time to happen, and you can conquer your addiction over the long run.

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