Alcohol Withdrawal Medication

Alcohol Withdrawal Medication


If you are detoxing from booze then it is probably important that you use alcohol withdrawal medication in order to safely come off of the stuff.  The need for medication for detox is all based on how severe your withdrawal symptoms are.  In some cases, a person who stops drinking cold turkey will have severe withdrawal symptoms, and in other cases, it will not be so bad.  This will depend mostly on how long they have been drinking for, but also the quantity that they tend to drink every day.  The longer they’ve been drinking and the greater the quantity, the worse their withdrawal will be and the greater will be their need for detox medication.

One of the major withdrawal symptoms when detoxing from alcohol is the shakes or a tremor.  This can eventually get bad enough that the person will have a seizure, and this can be a very dangerous situation for anyone.  So the basic idea behind medication for alcohol withdrawal is to use anti-convulsant medicine that will help to prevent a seizure from occurring.  Now most people are a bit uninformed when it comes to their own seizure risk, because they believe that they are immune to the possibility.  They say “I’ve never had a seizure, so it is not possible that I would have one during alcohol withdrawal.”  I have literally seen dozens of people take this same attitude at the detox center I work in, then end up having a seizure anyway, even though “they’ve never had one” and don’t believe that they are vulnerable to the possibility.

If you are in alcohol withdrawal then the potential is definitely there for a seizure, and you need to take the detox seriously.  The amazing thing is that even some alcoholics who take the medication to prevent seizures will end up having one anyway.

In the old days they would use pills such as Librium in order to treat alcohol withdrawal.  In some cases this might be the safer route, depending on the level of seizure risk.  For most patients these days, the doctor in charge would rather use a less powerful medicine such as Gabapentin.  Of course, no one should ever try to detox themselves using these prescription medications, and instead should be in a drug rehab or alcohol treatment center under the care of medical staff instead.  Trying to self medicate with these types of pills is not one of the stronger points for most alcoholics.

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