Are You in Need of Alcohol Rehabilitation Services?

Are You in Need of Alcohol Rehabilitation Services?


If you are an alcoholic, or simply have a drinking problem, then you might be in need of alcohol rehabilitation.  This can take many forms and it will depend on your own level of dependency as to what path of rehab you choose to take.

Some people are simply problem drinkers, and they do not have a true dependency on alcohol. They might be experiencing some problems when they drink and they might tend to drink too much at times.  But these people might not have a problem when they abstain from alcohol entirely, and have no problem putting it down.  These are the types of people who will also not have a problem staying away from alcohol when they are facing serious consequences.  For example, a problem drinker might get a DUI, but they would never end up getting a second one.  They learn from their mistakes with alcohol and quickly correct them.  This is problem drinking.

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The other end of the alcohol abuse spectrum is full blown alcoholism. This does not mean you have to be living in an alley and collecting pop cans to buy cheap wine.  You could still have a full time job and be pretty much holding things together and still be an alcoholic.  Do not be misled by this common misconception.

The true alcoholic is different from the problem drinker because they will continue to drink even in the face of heavy consequences. They will also experience much bigger problems when they abstain entirely from alcohol.  Their life will fall apart and they will be unable to cope.  Thus they quickly return to drinking, because they have grown to be dependent on it.

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One popular form of alcohol rehab is the 12 step program, in which the alcoholic comes to rely on a higher power instead of alcohol.  This works for some people but it fails for many more.  In fact, most people do not do well in the 12 step program.

Another path in recovery from alcohol abuse is to seek a path of personal and holistic growth.  This is more about relying on self than it is on a higher power, though one can still explore spirituality in this sense.  The idea with this method of recovery is to create a new life for yourself and build up meaning and purpose through new growth experiences.  For example, helping others in recovery can be a big part of our long term health and well being in recovery, because it boosts our self esteem in a real and genuine way.

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