Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs


What makes alcohol rehabilitation programs effective?  What gives the alcoholic the best chance for success in terms of selecting a program for recovery?  What programs can boost the highest success rates for recovery from alcoholism?

All fair questions, but they all sort of miss the point, too. There is no magic bullet.  This is so hard to convince people of, especially those who are desperate and have a struggling friend or family member who is trying to stop drinking.  The thought is that there should be an ultimate solution, a way to throw enough money at the problem in order to get the best chance at decent results.

It is understandable that people think this way.  Most other things in life follow this formula.  For example, if you wanted to get into shape, you could go hire the most expensive personal trainer in the world, someone who likely works with celebrities, and you could spend a ton of money and expect to get good results.  The trainer would whip you into decent shape for all your money is worth.

But it does not work this way with addiction and recovery.  There is no magic bullet.  There is no guru trainer who has secret motivational weapons.

There is no way to motivate someone who is slowly self destructing.

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Addiction is more powerful than most people give it credit for.

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It destroys people from the inside out.  If we could cure addiction by simply rearranging external factors, then it would be a cinch to solve the problem.  But this does not work, and the solution has to start from within.  It has to come from deep inside the afflicted.  A moment of real surrender, where they become willing to do anything in order to be clean and sober.  This moment of surrender is a prerequisite in order to get started in recovery.  If the alcoholic has not fully surrendered, then they will continue to struggle.  They will continue to try and control their life, control their drinking, and manipulate the situation.  It is only after letting go completely, of all of this, that they can start on a new life.

Can an alcohol rehab program incite this sort of response from someone?  No.  Can an alcohol rehabilitation program force a person to surrender in this way?  Can they break them down and move them any closer to this point?  No.

And, if an alcoholic has finally reached this magic point of surrender, do you think it matters much which rehab program they attend?  No.  Anywhere will work so long as they teach abstinence as the foundation of recovery.

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