The Key to Success in Attending Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

The Key to Success in Attending Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

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Those who are struggling with alcoholism should look into attending one of several alcohol rehabilitation centers.  The fact is that just about any such rehab will be much better than going to no rehab at all.  It is the act of willingness and the follow through that keep us sober, not the specific choice in where you go.

Let’s take a closer look at this principle, because it is very important in terms of staying sober.  The alcohol rehab that you choose to attend does not matter.  But, it is absolutely crucial that you choose one and commit to go there.

It is a bit like exercising every day.  Your friend might be walking 3 miles a day and they might lose a bunch of weight and feel great and all that.  So you think you have to walk in order to be healthy.  Not true.  Of course we know that you could do all sorts of different exercises and get similar or even greater benefits.  You could jog, swim, cycle, and so on.

And so it is the same with rehab. There is no one magic rehab that is going to keep someone sober, just as there is no one exercise that is the whole key to staying in shape.  And yet, people who are thinking about going to rehab, and people who are thinking about getting sober–this is how they believe it to be.  They think there must be a magic key. There is not.

Just go.  Find a rehab, any rehab at all, and just go.  If you can commit to change, if you can commit to the idea of surrender, then rehab will work great for you.  If you are resisting the idea of quitting drinking then there is little point in going to any rehab facility.  If you have the willingness to stop drinking, then any rehab in the world will work just fine for you.  If you have not yet surrendered to your alcoholism, then no rehab can help you in the least and they are all a waste of time.  It is as simple as that.

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There is a saying in the 12 step program that illustrates this concept as well.  “If someone is ready to quit drinking, then anything you say will help them.  If they are not ready to quit drinking, then nothing you say will help them.“  It is not about the details in this case.  It is all about the willingness.

Choose your alcohol rehabilitation center accordingly.  (Meaning, it does not matter where you go.  Just go.)

Most people fail because they never even try to get sober.  Don’t be a non-starter in the recovery world.  Take action and get motivated to at least ask for help.  Be open to suggestions and be willing to take direction from people.  If you are not willing to take suggestions then you will not sober up.  You have to take some advice in order to get sober, because your way has not been working.

You can’t do it alone.  Ask for help.

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