Reasons to Attend an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Reasons to Attend an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

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There are dozens of way to sober up, but most people who find success in recovery these days get their start at an alcohol rehabilitation center.  Why rehab?  There are several advantages to going to an inpatient setting for treatment:

1) You need a break from the daily grind of drinking in order to make a fresh start.  It is almost impossible to quit drinking when you are stuck in the environment in which you slowly became an alcoholic.  This break from your environment is a critical component of your recovery.  Without it, most people will just continue to relapse, regardless of how hard they may try to get sober on their own.

2) You need help to stop drinking. If we could quit on our own then we would have done so long ago.  The fact is that a true alcoholic needs help from others, at least initially, if they are going to sober up for good.  Rehab provides this help and support that is needed in the early stages of recovery.

3) You need medical supervision. Alcohol detox can be dangerous.  In fact, it can outright kill a person in some extreme cases, and seizures are somewhat likely, even for someone who has never had a seizure before.  This is doubly true when anxiety medications are involved along with the alcohol.

4) You need peer support. Can a person stay sober all alone in the world?  Maybe, but they will be pretty miserable doing so unless they can find a way to reach out to others on their recovery journey.  This is the power of group therapy and also 12 step meetings in early recovery.  It provides a framework of social support that some say is necessary in order to recover.  In the majority of cases, this support will definitely help.

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5) Alcohol rehab centers connect you with the resources you need to move forward.  In some cases, this may be more than just substance abuse services.  For example, a person in early recovery may have emotional issues that are so profound that they will prevent them from staying sober if they are not addressed.  The same can sometimes be true of mental issues.  So it makes sense to treat the person as a whole in early recovery and attack the problem from a holistic standpoint.  Doing so will insure that the alcoholic can get a solid foundation in early recovery by removing any obstacles that may be blocking them from success.


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