An Alcohol Program is a Framework for Action in Recovery

An Alcohol Program is a Framework for Action in Recovery


An alcohol program that can inspire and motivate people to take real action in their lives is going to be more successful than programs that are basically passive in nature.  Some programs attempt to get people to take real action but most of the participants do not do the actual work.  For example, the 12 step program attempts to get people to work through the 12 steps of AA, and it is suggested that this happens fairly soon after getting sober.  Most alcoholics get into the program and the vast majority do not even work a fourth step.  Of those who do, many will not finish up working through the remaining steps or make any attempt to do regular 12 step work by helping other alcoholics on a regular basis.

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It is all about action.  There are other programs of recovery out there for alcoholism, and some of them may be similar to AA, some are radically different, and so on.  It doesn’t matter.  They all work, and none of them work. It is all about action.  If the alcoholic takes massive, life changing, positive action every single day, then they will recover and their life will get better.  If they alcoholic dabbles in a recovery program, takes only a small bit of action, and does not really follow through with new habits of healthy living, then they will gravitate back towards alcoholism and they will relapse.  There is no compromise or in-between here, it is all or nothing.  Either the person is actively recovering or they are gravitating towards a relapse.

What is an alcohol program?  It is a framework for action.  It is a suggested set of actions.  Think about it.  What good is any program of recovery if it is not suggesting actions for us to take?  What use is a program that only talks about theory, but does not prescribe any specific action for the person to follow through on?  Programs for alcoholism are only as good as the action that they inspire.

Sitting around and thinking about recovery is useless.  And for the most part, trying to build a better alcoholism program is probably a waste of time as well.  What we need is continuous, positive action.  Actually doing something, putting in the footwork, and creating positive change in our life is what it is all about.  You don’t necessarily need a program for that, but in most cases, it won’t hurt.  Just understand that you have to drive the action by yourself; you are responsible for any positive changes you want to see in your recovery.

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