Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

Alcohol Poisoning Treatment


Alcohol poisoning treatment may be needed for a person that has consumed too much alcohol in a short period of time. There are many things that a person must do to help one who they feel may have had too much to drink. It is important however to not confuse the signs of alcohol poisoning with simply being drunk. The chance of becoming sick from too much alcohol depends on the personís tolerance, body weight, and the amount of alcohol per volume of what they have been consuming. Something with a high content of alcohol per volume can cause intoxication and then alcohol poisoning even quicker. When one is simply drunk they will display signs of impaired judgment, clumsiness, and slurred speech. The symptoms of becoming poisoned by alcohol are far worse, and need urgent emergency treatment.

Hypothermia is one of the primary signs to watch for relating to this condition. The affected personís body temperature will become very low and they will become cold. The reason for this is that alcohol consumption restricts ones blood vessels; when they have consumed too much the blood vessels stop functioning properly and cannot keep the body warm. It is crucial to cover this person up with coats and blankets until emergency medical treatment has arrived.

Another sign of alcohol poisoning is when someone vomits and sweats excessively. This is extremely dangerous because both can lead to dehydration. It is vital to make sure that a person you suspect has alcohol poisoning stays extremely hydrated. If possible, try to get the person to consume several glasses of water. The more water that the person consumes, the better chance they have to become better quickly. Water will flush the alcohol out of the personís body making them regain much needed fluids. When emergency help arrives, they will start an IV on the person to administer fluids lost from vomiting and sweat. Glucose will also be administered because it helps to heat up the sick personís body.

It is also essential to monitor the sick person in case they vomit and get choked. Many deaths from alcohol poisoning have been due to a person vomiting and then choking because they are not able to turn over and clear the airways. You should lay a person with alcohol poisoning on their side to prevent them from choking. Vomiting, although leads to dehydration, is not all bad because it can help clean the alcohol out of the body, just make sure the person is on their side so they do not clog the airways. In addition, it is very important to try to keep the person awake while they are poisoned from alcohol. This can prevent the ill person from slipping into a coma.

After emergency medical care arrives, they will take the person to the hospital, administer an IV, and check for damages. It is possible that the person will have to have their stomach pumped to remove extra alcohol that has not been absorbed yet into the bloodstream. Furthermore, it is likely that a person may need dialysis for their kidneys to clean the alcohol from the system. They will most likely remain hospitalized for a couple of days depending on how bad the alcohol affected them.

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It is very important to know the signs of becoming poisoned by alcohol when one is drinking. If immediate treatment measures are not taken, the person may wind up with severe brain damage, or in worse cases even death. Know the signs and be aware of the steps that should be taken. To avoid alcohol poisoning, limit the amount of alcohol you consume when drinking.

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