The Best Form of Alcohol Help is the One that Works for...

The Best Form of Alcohol Help is the One that Works for You


The key to getting alcohol help is to take action.  The first action that needs to be taken is to make an internal decision to make some major changes.  After that has happened, the person in question has to follow up that decision with real action.  If they do not take massive amounts of action to back up their new decision then it is all just wishful thinking and they are probably still stuck in denial.  Remember, you can admit that you have a problem but still be in denial.  It is more about accepting your problem at a really deep level and being moved to take action about it…that is the key to breaking through denial.  Acceptance.  You must accept that you are an alcoholic at a very deep level.

After this process has truly begun, and the alcoholic in question has really surrendered fully to the idea that they can no longer drink successfully, then they are ready to start making changes in recovery.  It does not really matter much who directs these changes or what type of program they try to work, as long as it is abstinence based and they are taking positive action on a daily basis.

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Most people do not really believe this or buy into it.  Alcoholics who are living in recovery tend to have a heavy bias towards the solution that originally worked for them.  Hence, the person in AA will claim that 12 step programs are the only thing that works, because that is ultimately what worked for them.  People who got sober with a religious based program will probably claim that religion is the ultimate answer, and that other types of programs can only aspire to mimic religion. And so on.  Everyone is biased towards the solution that worked for them.

You can tell where this is headed, no doubt.  The best solution for an alcoholic is whatever ultimately keeps them sober. If this is religion, so be it.  If this is a 12 step program, that is good too.  Or maybe they use a holistic approach.  Or weekly counseling sessions.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that the alcoholic finds the help that they need, and that they make it work for them.  Everything else is just petty arguing and personal bias.

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Sobriety is what counts.  Find a solution that works for you and stick with it.  Maintain a positive focus in your life and strive to help others recover using the same technique.  This is a general formula for success.

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