2 Keys to Surrender at an Alcohol Drug Rehab

2 Keys to Surrender at an Alcohol Drug Rehab

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If you are in need of an alcohol drug rehab then you should stop and question what your true motives are.  Basically what you will want to do is to figure out if you have truly surrendered or not to the disease of alcoholism.  Many people go to drug or alcohol rehab who have not fully surrendered, but they are going for other reasons.  They may be trying to save their job, or their marriage, or make someone happy….but they are not going for their own recovery.  They do not really want to change deep down, and are just going to give rehab a try to see if it works out for them.

If this is where you are at then you have more pain to go through and more chaos to endure before you are ready to change.  They call it surrender for a reason….because you have to be fully beat down in order to get to the right point.  If you have not hit bottom yet then the chances of you turning your life around are very slim indeed.  Why is this the case?  Several reasons:

1) Those who have not fully surrendered are still hanging on to the need for control. They are still trying to manipulate things and control their own situation.  This is not a good sign if you are trying to recover because you will sabotage your own efforts.  In order to get clean and sober we have to take new direction from someone other than ourselves.  People who are fighting for control are still trying to take their own direction, and will ultimately undo their own recovery efforts.

2) In alcoholic drug rehab you will also learn that the people who are still glorifying drug use and are still having fun with getting drunk and high are probably not done using yet. If you are still excited about the idea of getting high, or if you have not progressed to the point where you are almost always miserable from chronic drug and alcohol use, then you might just as well pack it in and ditch the idea of rehab.  It is not going to work if you think you can still enjoy life and have fun all the time while using drugs.  Even people who are absolutely miserable 99 percent of the time in active addiction can still manage to find a way to relapse while they are struggling to get clean and sober.  If you are still having fun getting high, then this is a bad time to seek out a private drug rehab.

You can get clean and sober using rehab as a vehicle to do so, but you have to be ready for the experience.  Surrender is the key….

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