Surrender is a Key Part of Alcohol Drug Abuse Treatment

Surrender is a Key Part of Alcohol Drug Abuse Treatment


The key to alcohol drug abuse treatment is in taking action.  Most people do not get this basic principle and the believe that they have to start with their thinking in order to get over an addiction or a drug or alcohol problem.  The issue with changing your thinking is that you first have to change your actions and your behaviors.  This is the real key to changing your thinking and your perceptions.  Most people get this backwards at first and do not understand how the process of recovery really works.

The first part of the recovery process is surrender.  The addict or alcoholic has to stop fighting against their need to control the situation and even to control their own life.  To some extent, the solution for addiction is a bit counter-intuitive.  You have to surrender completely and stop struggling to control your drinking or your drug use.  It would seem to the addict that they would need to try harder to control it, but in fact this only pushes them further into their addiction.  Ultimately, they only really gain freedom when they release all struggle for control and let go of everything.

The alcoholic cannot really recover unless they truly surrender everything because:

* Without surrender, they stay stuck in denial, and do not even really acknowledge that alcohol might be their problem.   They might still believe that they merely suffer from bad luck in life, and that the alcohol issues are merely secondary.  Hard to fathom, unless you happen to be the alcoholic who is clueless!

* Without a full surrender, the alcoholic may acknowledge that there is a problem with alcohol, but they might believe that they could stop under their own power if only they wanted to.  This is just another level of denial.

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* Without surrender, the alcoholic will not be willing to do whatever it takes to get sober.  They might be willing to do some things, but not anything.  And anything is what is required!

In fact, the best way to surrender is to ask someone else how to get clean and sober, and then follow their directions explicitly.  Do not try to alter their suggestions or make them fit into your whims or desires.  If you do that then you will go right back to drugs and alcohol.  In order to truly surrender, you must ask for help and then accept the advice without reservation.  You must do what you are told, in spite of the fact that you may be smart, well educated, and so on.  The fact is that you need direction in order to stay clean in early recovery.

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The second part of treatment is the process that starts with abstinence and then grows from there into a life of recovery.  Figuring out how to maintain abstinence is not hard at all if someone truly has the willingness to put in the work.  Regardless of whether you choose traditional or holistic alcohol treatment, getting the results you want is all about putting in the hard work.  When we think about how hard it is to stay clean and sober, it has very little to do with the mechanics of sobriety, and everything to do with willingness and the amount of work people are willing to put in.  There are no secrets to recovery. Put in the work and your efforts at alcohol and drug treatment will pay off.


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