Why You Probably Need an Alcohol Detox Treatment

Why You Probably Need an Alcohol Detox Treatment


If you struggle with your drinking and find yourself getting drunk every single day then you are probably a good candidate for alcohol detox treatment.  Some people can quit on their own and end up doing so quite frequently, only to start back up again.  If that is like you then you probably don’t need detox from alcohol.  On the other hand, if you find that you cannot even go to sleep without drinking, or if you start to get the shakes if you go to long without taking a drink, then you definitely need alcohol detox in a treatment setting.

It is important to actually go to a professional treatment center, because alcohol detox is pretty risky business.  The chance for a seizure is very high, even if you have never had a seizure before.  There is also a danger of hallucinations and even death during alcohol withdrawal.  Supervised treatment is therefore a really, really good idea if you plan on quitting drinking.

The worst thing that an alcoholic can do is to stop drinking cold turkey.  While this does work well with most drugs, it works terrible with alcohol, and is very dangerous to boot.  Don’t try to do it by yourself.  Seek treatment instead.

Some people try to detox themselves from alcohol at home.  This is generally a losing strategy, even though it could possibly work if done correctly.  The problem is that the alcoholic can never pull it off.  They eventually end up being drunk all over again, in spite of their intention to ween themselves down.  Having a friend or a family member try to regulate their drinking intake and ween them down to nothing is a bad idea as well.  This is like taking their lives into your hands because you are basically playing with fire due to the risk of seizures and possibly death.  Yes, people can die from not taking a drink.  Best to direct them to medical treatment instead.

If you are in a situation where someone has been trying to detox themselves from alcohol, and they are shaking pretty badly, take them to the hospital.  An emergency room cannot refuse them treatment if they are in heavy withdrawal and have tremors, because this is a life threatening condition. If they take a drink or have been drinking, do not bother with the emergency room however because there is nothing to be done at that point.  The only tricky thing is if they have not been drinking and they are starting to withdrawal badly.

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Again, the best option is alcohol treatment in a medical detox unit.  Anything else runs serious risks of seizure or even death.  Not to mention the fact that by going to a professional facility, the alcoholic will likely get help in the form of counseling, therapy, and peer support.  It is not enough to simply purge the chemicals from your body; you have to learn how to live a life without the need to self medicate.  This takes time and effort at personal growth, which you can start learning about in residential treatment.

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