4 Important Points for Alcohol Detox Programs

4 Important Points for Alcohol Detox Programs

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Most alcohol detox programs are pretty much the same, and you can expect them to have a lot of similarities.  Here is what you can expect if you are thinking about going into an alcohol detox program:

1) A medical setting for detox – most detox programs (if not all of them) have a medical setting for alcohol detox.  This is because withdrawal from alcohol can be particularly dangerous.  The main threat is that of seizures, though there can be other complications as well, and in fact, alcohol detox can be fatal if not handled properly.  So it is nothing to mess around with and that is why programs for alcohol detox include medical staffing and 24 hour nursing.  This is pretty much the standard that you will find everywhere.

2) Medication.  Because there is such a threat of seizures, even for someone who has never had a seizure before in their life, they generally will use medication of some sort in order to help stabilize alcoholics who are going through detox.  You may find some variation in what medications are used.  For example, some alcohol treatment programs will use Gabapentin (Neurontin), but others will use a drug such as Librium.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches.  Just know that the medical staff will be giving the alcoholic medication in order to prevent them from shaking so much and to help prevent seizures.

3) Peers. You will likely be in detox with others who are going through much the same thing.  Some of them will likely be in withdrawal from other drugs as well.  In fact, some will not be on alcohol at all.  No matter, alcohol is a drug too.  To dismiss it as not being a drug is a big mistake and if that is the case then a change in mindset is needed.  Alcohol is a drug.

4) Programming. Most detox centers are attached to a residential treatment program in which there are groups, lectures, meetings, and so on.  In most cases you will be allowed to attend these groups, even while you are in detox (so long as you are not drunk, etc.).  This will vary a bit from rehab to rehab, but for the most part, they will encourage you to start attending groups if you can.

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There is no need to be afraid of alcohol detox, as they will do everything that they can in rehab in order to make you comfortable.

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