Should You Take an Alcohol Detox Drug to Help You Sober Up?

Should You Take an Alcohol Detox Drug to Help You Sober Up?


Anyone who is getting the shakes when they stop drinking booze probably needs an alcohol detox drug in order to safely come off of alcohol.  In all cases it is going to be better for you to go to an alcohol treatment center or a drug rehab in order to get properly detoxed from alcohol.  There is some risk of seizures or even death if you do not seek medical treatment for alcohol withdrawal, so you should take this seriously and I would urge anyone to try and go to treatment.

Now the second thing to consider is that even if you have the proper medication on have for alcohol detox, you might not know how much or when it is appropriate to take the medication.  It is much better to have medical supervision for this because without knowing the proper schedule for the doses, things could get very dangerous in a hurry.

A third thing for you to consider regarding alcohol withdrawal is that even if you are in an alcohol treatment center with proper medical care, and even with the proper medications being dispensed at the appropriate times, an alcoholic could still suffer from a seizure.  Alcohol withdrawal is just that dangerous so it is nothing to mess around with.

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The bottom line is that if you intend to use pills or drugs in order to detox yourself from alcohol, this is probably a really bad idea and in the majority of cases you would be safer to just continue to drink until you can get into a detox program of some sort.

In the old days they used a strong medication called Librium to detox alcoholics.  They would give the medication several times each day and then slowly taper the person off of the drug.

These days they still use that medication or other similar medications to detox alcohol, but at most treatment centers they have switched over to Gabapentin.  This is an anticonvulsant medication that can help prevent the shakes and possible seizures.

But even if you had this medication on hand, you still need a doctor to watch over the process so that you can accurately determine how much of the medicine to give.  In a treatment setting, the continuously monitor vital signs and other symptoms to see if they medication is effective or not.  If it is not, then the doctor may increase the dosage, switch to another medication, or give addiction drugs to help the person through withdrawal.

Like I said, not something to play around with.  Leave it up to the doc and get yourself professional help.

Anyone who is struggling to get off of alcohol should really consider a medical detox.  The benefits of doing so include:

1) Better medical care and less risk of death or seizure.

2) More support from others who are going through detox with you and your peers.

3) Access to therapists and counselors who can help find you resources for staying clean and sober after you leave rehab.

So basically, it is not so much about the medication but rather it is about the professional care that you need.


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