How an Alcohol Detox Center Can Help People to Recover

How an Alcohol Detox Center Can Help People to Recover


The best place for a struggling alcoholic to get some help and turn their life around is at an alcohol detox center.  There are a few reasons for this and why alcohol treatment centers are better than the alternatives, especially for alcoholics (and not just drug addicts).

First of all, there is a huge medical concern when people stop drinking alcohol. It can be quite dangerous to just quit alcohol cold turkey, which is basically what will happen if the alcoholic stubbornly refuses to get help at a real treatment center.  If they simply stop drinking then they run the risk of seizures or even death from the effects of withdrawal.  This is not true for most other drugs, even though some of them may be even more uncomfortable to stop using (such as heroin).  In fact, it is pretty safe to detox from opiates, regardless of how it is done.

When an alcoholic detoxes from alcohol in a medical setting, the staff can monitor their vital signs and potential withdrawal symptoms and keep everything in check.  In some cases this can be extremely important, so for anyone who has experienced any physical discomfort after quitting drinking, they should definitely seek inpatient rehab.

The second major advantage of going to an inpatient alcohol detox is from the added support you will get there. Trying to stay clean and sober on your own can be pretty tough, so you need the help and the support that you can get from the peers and the connections that you make during rehab.  Addicts can actually do a surprisingly good job of helping each other to stay clean, and you can’t get the same level of peer support and interaction that you get from inpatient treatment through any other means.  Sure there are people you can meet in outpatient therapy, or at outside meetings, but you will never get the same level of intimacy and bonding that comes with going through inpatient rehab with someone.  This bonding can be important for people who are taking their first step towards living clean, because without the added peer support they would surely end up relapsing.

Finally, going to an alcohol detox center is one of the better options for an alcoholic because all temptation is essentially removed while they are in treatment.  There is no alcohol available to drink so they are not even tempted in the least while they are there.  Out of sight, out of mind.  This remains one of the most powerful tools that inpatient rehab can offer over other forms of treatment, basically because it works so well.

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