Alcohol Detox at Home is Generally a Bad Idea

Alcohol Detox at Home is Generally a Bad Idea

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Should you go through alcohol detox at home?

In a word, no you should not.  It is too dangerous.  Alcohol detox is dangerous and can be life threatening.  You can die from not taking a drink.  At the very least, you could also have a seizure.  This is not something to mess around with.

If you are already in full blown alcohol withdrawal and you are starting shake fairly badly, then you should go to an emergency room.

If you are not yet in full blown withdrawal, but anticipate some amount of shaking and instability, then you should try to get yourself to rehab.  This is the best option because they can give you medication that will help you through the withdrawal symptoms, prevent you from having seizures, and prevent you from dying.  All good things.

Now I do realize that alcohol detox in a rehab setting is not a possibility for everyone.  In some cases it is just too expensive, or people do not have insurance, or they can not get funding, or whatever.  So they will invariably try to detox at home.  Again, this is dangerous and not recommended.

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What can you do to help in this situation?  Can you ween yourself down and drink smaller amounts throughout the day?  First of all, this is at least as risky as stopping cold turkey, and you will still run the risk of seizures or even death.  Second of all, do you really think you can accurately gauge how much alcohol you should dump into the alcoholic in order to properly detox them?  How often you should administer more?  When to cut them off entirely?  These are tough questions that are really easy to ask but are difficult to answer, especially when someone is sick and shaking and detoxing hard from alcohol and giving them tiny bits of booze does not seem to be helping.  That is why you need medical help for this process.

Alcoholism is defined by a lack of control.  To be specific, it is a lack of control on the part of the alcoholic to control their drinking, even when they want to control it.  This includes when they are trying to detox themselves at home from alcohol.  The whole point of going to an alcohol detox center is so that the medical staff there can administer medication at appropriate times in order to keep you safe and stable.  Trying to do this yourself (especially without the proper medications) is a recipe for disaster.

Detoxing at home is generally a bad idea because:

1) You lack the medical professionals who can help keep you safe and stable during intense withdrawal symptoms.

2) You lack the peer support that you get from others who can help you through your early recovery so that you do not feel alone.

3) You lack the therapy, counseling, and resources that you get from the staff at a rehab center.

Do whatever you can to get yourself professional help if you are coming off of alcohol.

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