Alcohol and Drug Detox

Alcohol and Drug Detox


If you are struggling with alcoholism or addiction then you might need alcohol and drug detox in order to get started on a new life in recovery.  Abstinence is the baseline for success in recovery and if you do not start out with the detox process then you have little hope of actually changing your life.  Many addicts and alcoholics like to sit around and think about how they wish things were different, but you have to actually get clean and sober if you want things to change for the better.  It all starts with abstinence.

Now depending on what drugs you are taking you might need some help with your detox.  For example, if you are drinking heavily every day and you tend to start shaking when you don’t drink for a while then you probably need to ask for help in terms of getting off the booze.  Likewise, if you are seriously addicted to opiates, including either painkillers or heroin, then you are possibly going to need some serious help when it comes time to get clean and sober.  If you can’t make it through detox on your own then you need to ask for help and in many cases this will come in the form of drug rehab.

Going to a drug rehab or an alcohol detox center is probably the best choice for most people but it is also pretty expensive.  Unfortunately it costs a lot of money because they have to pay to have medical staff to supervise the patients.  If you have insurance then it might be covered but in many cases there will be a copay, and if you don’t have insurance then you might have to pay cash.  While it is not cheap by any means, it is probably a lot cheaper than continuing to use drugs and alcohol for the next several years of your life, so you might want to take that into consideration when they tell you the cost of treatment.

You might follow up detox with residential treatment so that you can build a foundation of recovery and start learning how to live sober.  It will not do you much good to leave rehab without a solid plan of action because then you will only end up relapsing shortly thereafter.  The only way to get through the difficult transition that is early sobriety is for you to have a real plan and take massive action every single day.  It sounds like hard work because it is.  This is the only sure path to sobriety however so if you want to stay clean and sober then you need to commit to taking massive action for your recovery.

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