Do You Need Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment?

Do You Need Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment?


Do you need alcohol and drug addiction treatment?  What are your options if you are struggling with addiction and want to get help?

You probably need treatment of some sort if you:

1) Have tried to stop using drugs and alcohol on your own but have been unable to do so.

2) Have experienced major consequences in your life due to drug or alcohol use, yet continue to use or drink.  Consequences might include: dropping out of school, losing a job or a car, losing relationships, disrupting family relations, blacking out when you wanted to stay in control, and so on.

3) Obsess over using drugs or alcohol and are constantly thinking about your next opportunity to do.

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For starters, you should get on the phone and call up some local treatment centers.  You can get a good idea of what is available for help by simply asking some questions and getting some information from these local rehabs.  Of course the main issue when it comes to addiction treatment is always going to be the funding.  Do you have a way to pay for a trip to rehab?  In some cases people have the resources and in many cases they do not.

One option for funding is to pay cash.  Very few addicts and alcoholics will have this kind of money so this is not going to be an option for most.  Most treatment centers will run a few hundred dollars per day, and some will cost over 500 dollars per day.  Most people will want at least a week in rehab, though for some drugs you can get detoxed in about 3 days.  The length of time you are in an addiction treatment center will likely have an impact on your long term sobriety, though probably less than you think.  In other words, staying in rehab for 2 weeks is a lot better than staying for 3 days, but on the whole it will not matter a great deal.  People have done 3 days of detox and still managed to stay clean and sober on the outside.

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The whole key is to take massive action after you leave treatment anyway.  Whether you stay in rehab for 3 days or 3 weeks is sort of beside the point.  What happens when you leave?  What are you going to do?  If you leave rehab and do not take any action, then it does not matter how long you stayed in rehab.  You are going to relapse unless you take big action and put in a tremendous effort toward staying clean and sober.

There are of course different models for drug and alcohol treatment out there but even these are largely irrelevant.  It is not that they do not help, because they most definitely can and do help.  The point is that it does not matter which one you pick or what program you choose to work.  The details are irrelevant.  They do not keep you sober.  What keeps you sober is the internal drive to stay clean and the commitment and motivation with which you attack recovery.

No program in the world will help if you don’t take massive action.

Any program you can find will work just fine, as long as you take massive action.

The key, therefore, is massive action.

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