Helpful Options for Alcohol Addicts

Helpful Options for Alcohol Addicts


Alcohol addicts who are struggling to get sober need to take action in their life.  This is the whole key to sobriety and so many people want to avoid this conclusion and find an easier way.  Doing so never works and inevitably the alcoholic ends up drinking again if they do not put in a massive amount of work into their recovery.

What is this work and this action that is required to stay sober?  It does not much matter, actually.  There are various programs that will work out there, and different suggestions to be followed and so on.  There are 12 step programs and there are religious programs and there are behavioral programs and so on.  Any of them that are based on abstinence and positive growth will work just fine, so long as the alcohol addict puts forth a tremendous effort in applying the program in their life.  This is the true key to success and this is what produces good results.

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Many people think that certain programs work and others do not.  Or they think that there is a secret ingredient that is necessary for a person to stay sober.  Or they think that there is only one recovery program that can keep people sober in the long run.  All of these assumptions are wrong.  The alcoholic needs to work hard to stay sober.  They need to put in the footwork to push themselves to take positive action and to grow every day.  If they put in an enormous amount of work then they will stay sober.  If they only put in a modest amount of work then they will relapse.  It is as simple as that.

We have all been trained our whole lives to expect modest results from a modest effort.  This gets the alcoholic into trouble in recovery, because when they put forth a modest effort, they end up drunk.  Only going half way in recovery will not work at all.  It will backfire completely and you will relapse.  The only solution is a full commitment to recovery. You have to immerse yourself fully in your chosen recovery solution and live it every single day.

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In early recovery, the key is networking and constant action.  You need other people to help you recover.  One easy way to accomplish this is through 12 step meetings such as those in AA.  If you do not go to these meetings then you will need to find another way to connect with people in recovery.  As  you stay sober, your efforts will shift from networking to one of personal growth.  But the key remains massive action and that is what will keep you sober in the long run.

So I suggest that you:

1) Go to rehab or detox.

2) Go to 12 step meetings as a platform for early recovery.

3) Follow through with real action on both of these routes in order to achieve success.

It is more important that you do something, anything at all, than it is to find exactly the right path.  Start with abstinence and go from there.

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