4 Common Rationalizations and Denial from Alcohol Addictions

4 Common Rationalizations and Denial from Alcohol Addictions


Dealing with drug and alcohol addictions can be especially tough if the person is still stuck in denial and cannot really accept their problem.  Many people who are at this point will admit to having a problem, but until they accept their alcohol addiction, they cannot take any action and make any changes that will help them.

Most people who are stuck in this form of denial will use one of these mental excuses.  Watch for them:

1) It’s not that bad.

This is also known as minimizing, and alcoholics are great at it.  We can downplay just about anything to a reasonable level.  Sometimes we can even fool ourselves with this one, by having a day or two, here and there, where we just don’t drink as much as we usually do.  Or we may take a few days off the sauce entirely, just to feel good about ourselves.  Or maybe we will go out to an important dinner and only have one or two drinks for the entire night, and then pat ourselves on the back for it.  It’s all a bunch of crap if you are a real alcoholic, and it is all just part of a scheme you use in your head to minimize the real problem and be able to say “see?  I only had 2 drinks last night….it’s not so bad!”

2) I could stop drinking if I wanted to, but I just don’t want to.

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I use to use this one constantly.  And the thing is, I believed it in my own head.  Truly I was that stupid, to think that if I really wanted to quit drinking, it would be a piece of cake for me (because I am just so smart, you know!).  But I stubbornly maintained that I just did not want to stop drinking, even though my life was falling apart, I was blowing hundreds of dollars per month on booze, and I stood to gain everything in the world by quitting.  I just didn’t want to!  And yes, I really believed my own lie on this one.  That is why they call it denial.

3) Other people drink just as much.

I used this one when I could spot it, and clung to the fact that so-and-so was just as loaded (or even worse!) than I was getting.  Made me feel healthy, it did.

4) I deserve it because I work hard / suffer from so and so/ have had a rough life / etc.

Just more of the usual crap.  We are not special, not any more than anyone else is!  Give me a break….

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