Finding Your Breakthrough in Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Finding Your Breakthrough in Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation


The whole point of alcohol addiction rehabilitation is to make huge lifestyle changes such that the alcoholic no longer needs or wants to self medicate using alcohol.  Of course there is a lot more that goes into it than just this, and this is why rehabilitation for alcohol addiction typically consists of a lifelong program of healing, action, and spiritual growth.  If it were as easy as simply putting down the alcohol then alcoholism would likely not exist.  The fact is that a true alcoholic cannot really stop on their own, and even with a massive amount of help, many of them will fail.  Rehab is not easy.  Staying sober for any meaningful amount of time is not easy either.  But that is no excuse and it does not mean that it cannot be done.

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Case studies abound where some of the most hard core, down and out alcoholics have found recovery after repeatedly trying and failing for years and years.  There is no person who is too far down the scale or too far gone to be able to make a turnaround and find recovery.  In fact, sometimes that is the exact moment when the alcoholic finally makes the breakthrough that is necessary to change their life–that when they have hit bottom and believe that they could not possibly sink any lower. This is the moment of truth, the point at which they abandon all hope and practically give their life up for possible suicide.  They might not be trying to kill themselves, but they are at a turning point where they feel like they cannot possibly go on–either drunk or sober. This is the moment of truth that they talk about in Alcoholics Anonymous.  If the alcoholic can grab a hold of some form of help at this point, then they can make a real change in their life from seemingly out of nowhere.  Whereas before they were baffled about how to create change in their life, it all starts to come together once they hit bottom and start to accept their condition for what it really is.

It is almost like the alcoholic must lose all hope before they can start to repair their lives.  The best rehabilitation centers will focus on this moment of surrender and have the alcoholic document it in some way.  They understand that surrender is a crucial concept in early recovery and that no real teaching is possible without having reached this point.

It all starts with surrender.

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