Key Steps to Take in Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Key Steps to Take in Alcohol Addiction Recovery


Alcohol addiction recovery is the state of being sober and learning to live a new life without alcohol.  Getting there is a modest challenge that involves drying out and then finding some short term stability in your life and probably networking with other sober people.  Staying sober over the long run though involves a bit more.  Let’s take a look.

Recovering from alcohol addiction starts with detox. You have to quit drinking in order to start a new life in recovery of course.  This is best done in a medical detox center due to the health risks involved, and after that you might attend residential rehab in order to help you recover from alcoholism.

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Many people at this point leave treatment and start attending a 12 step fellowship.  They might go to AA meetings every day or a few times each week.  Maybe in a few years they will continue to attend meetings every day.  Maybe they will cut back a bit.  Maybe they will quit going altogether.  Whatever.  It really does not matter as much as people believe it does, and I will explain why.

Alcohol recovery, in the beginning, depends on networking with other sober people.  Why is this?  Because we need help so that we can learn a new way to live.  If we did not need this help then we would have solved the problem of drinking on our own and we would not need any sort of program at all.  But we could not figure out sobriety on our own so we need help.  Thus, we need to network in early addiction recovery.

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But later on, as we continue to stay sober, something shifts.  The networking becomes less important, and something moves in to take its place.  What we need in the long run is personal growth.  We need to push ourselves to grow as people in recovery and start pursuing holistic growth.  This means that we need to grow in order to stay sober in the long run.

Networking with others in recovery is fine, and we can continue to do so.  But our emphasis should shift towards one of personal growth.  If we are still relying on meetings in order to stay sober every day, what does that really say about our quality of sobriety?  Back in the old days, meetings were few and far between and Bill Wilson and his gang did not rely on daily meetings to stay sober.  Instead, they relied on living a spiritual experience.  This is what you should do too and pushing yourself to grow holistically is a very spiritual way to live in recovery.

As you continue to stay sober in recovery, it becomes more and more important that you push yourself to grow in recovery.  Why?  Because the real enemy is becoming complacent, and if you are constantly striving for personal growth, you can overcome this.  Thus you can keep improving your life while at the same time protecting your recovery.

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