How an Alcohol Addict Can Transcend their Pain

How an Alcohol Addict Can Transcend their Pain


Are you an alcohol addict?  Is your life messed up right now because of drinking?  If so, then you should take action and do something about your problem.

The best way to do this is to get to a treatment center or a drug rehab.  Most people who are still drinking are afraid to take such advice because they are basically afraid to face life sober.  Most people will not admit to this fear either, and this is where denial comes in.  Instead of being real and honest and admitting that they are afraid to face life without the crutch of alcohol, most alcoholics will try to hide this fear by explaining away their disease.  This is denial.

For example, the alcoholic will try to reason that they could stop drinking if they really wanted to, but they just don’t want to, so therefore they are not a true alcoholic.  They will hold onto this idea that if they really wanted to stop they could, but they just have not seriously tried to stop yet.  They also will say the same thing about trying to control their drinking, saying that they could do so if they really wanted to.  This is denial as well.

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The fact is that any alcoholic who wants to change their life has to break through this denial and reach a point of surrender. They will not do this when everything is going good in their life.  They will not do this when others are drinking along with them and everyone is having a good time and there is still money in the bank.  They will not do this when their spouse is still standing firmly beside them and telling them that everything will be OK.  Why would an alcoholic change under decent circumstances?  They will not.  They will only change when they are going through an extreme amount of pain if they continue to keep drinking.

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Now this is a rare thing to happen because normally alcohol kills pain, both physical and emotional. And that is what the alcoholic uses the drug for, in order to eliminate emotional pain from their life.  Eventually the alcohol will become less effective at this over time and they will have to drink more and more in order to kill their pain.  Eventually, they may reach a point where it is more painful to continue to drink due to the consequence of their drinking.  If they reach that point then they will consider sobriety as a real option.  If they are not living in pain due to the consequences of their drinking, then they will continue to drink.

It is scary to get sober because we lose our favorite painkiller. We are left defenseless without alcohol and we have to bear the full weight of our emotions, something we have not been practicing at much.  This fear of facing the world without the crutch of alcohol is what keeps most people in denial and drinking for so many years.  We don’t want to face reality without self medicating.

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