Follow Through is Key to Success at an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center

Follow Through is Key to Success at an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center


Anyone who is going to an alcohol abuse treatment center is probably making a good choice if they are serious about getting sober.  If they are not serious about change in their life then it is a waste of time and money.

Alcohol abuse treatment centers are not cheap, and they do not promise any results to anyone.  In fact the majority of people who go to treatment centers will relapse shortly after leaving, and very few will make it to achieve long term sobriety.  But it is still the best option in most cases, even though the success rate is fairly low.  Some treatment is better than no treatment at all.

Most alcoholics actually have to go to a couple of treatment centers over a period of a few years before they really “get it.”  This is because nearly everyone underestimates what it will take for them to stay sober.  We believe that if we put in a modest effort at staying sober that we will get decent results.  Of course this is not true; if we put in a modest effort then we will relapse for sure.  It is only by putting forth a very serious effort with a ton of action and commitment that we can have any sort of chance at staying sober.

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Alcohol abuse centers know this and so they try to inspire the clients to take massive action.  For example, they will often times push the idea of “going to 90 meetings in 90 days.”  Doing this does not insure sobriety, but it certainly helps, especially compared with someone who leaves treatment and doesn’t go to any meetings at all.

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Are 12 step meetings the secret, then?  No.  Action is the secret.  You don’t have to go to meetings if that is not your thing, but you have to do something.  Action is the key to recovery.  In fact, massive action is the key to early recovery.  So many people will relapse in early recovery simply because they do not take massive action.  They might take a little bit of action, but not enough.  Those who relapse can always look back and say “yes, I did not take enough action.  I did not put in the footwork.  I did not really try my hardest to do everything I could to stay sober.”

So the ideal alcohol abuse rehab will inspire people to take massive amounts of action, because this is ultimately what is necessary in early recovery.

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