4 Treatment Strategies for Alcohol Abuse Programs

4 Treatment Strategies for Alcohol Abuse Programs


What makes for good alcohol abuse programs?  What produces the best results when it comes to treating alcohol abuse and alcoholism?  Are there places you can go where success is more likely?  Are there things that you can do to give you a clear advantage in maintaining sobriety?

All good questions.  And there are a number of different options for alcohol abuse and alcoholism treatment.  Let’s take a look at some of the various options.  Keep in mind that potentially any one of these solutions might work for different people, in different situations.  There is no one size fits all solution for recovery.

* Counseling – this works in some cases for alcohol abuse, but if you are actually addicted to alcohol, or are a very heavy abuser of such, then you might need more help than what therapy alone can provide.  Counseling can be helpful but it is limited in the amount of support it can provide.  Most people who see a therapist will only do so for maybe an hour or two each week.  This is not enough of a time commitment to make a drastic change in lifestyle for most people.  It is a solution, but not a strong one.  Yet it may work for some situations.

* Inpatient rehab – this is the route you want to go if you are seriously addicted to alcohol.  This is the typical 28 day stay that is started out with a few days in a detox area.  Many people are nervous about going to an alcohol abuse center but there is nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of.  If you need the help then you should make the commitment to go to rehab.

* Medication – there are a few medications out there that are designed to treat alcohol addiction, such as Antabuse and Campral.  There are a few others as well.  Most of these types of medications work by reducing cravings for alcohol.  They can be helpful but they are far from being a magic bullet.

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* Long term treatment – if going to rehab or other solutions have failed you, then you might consider going to long term rehab at some point.  This is where you would live in a rehab center for several months in order to try to overcome your alcohol problem.  Most people think this sounds like overkill, but it is most certainly not if you have struggled for years or even decades with your alcohol problem.  Long term programs can work in some cases where other treatment methods have failed.


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