Some Pros and Cons for an Alcohol Abuse Center

Some Pros and Cons for an Alcohol Abuse Center


An alcohol abuse center is a good starting point for anyone who is struggling to quit alcohol.  There are advantages and disadvantages to going to an inpatient alcohol treatment center.  Let’s take a look:


1) Stable environment

The biggest thing going for alcohol abuse centers is that there is no alcohol there.  Seriously!  You can’t bring alcohol into the place (they search you), and you can’t buy any while you are there.  This is the big secret of rehab!  They simply keep you away from booze while you are checked in for a few weeks.  It’s an instant shortcut to sobriety.

Seriously, this is a huge advantage over other forms of alcohol abuse treatment.  With meetings, outpatient therapy, or counseling, the client still has access to alcohol.  This is not true with inpatient rehab, and thus is a huge advantage.  At least you know that while the client is in treatment, they won’t be drinking.

2) Medically safe

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Detoxing from alcohol is dangerous, and can be fatal.  Yes, it can kill a person to not take a drink.  They can die from it, or possibly have seizures.  This is true even for people who have never had a seizure before, ever.  So going to an alcohol abuse center is a good idea in some cases because they have a medical detox unit that can help a person go through withdrawal more safely.

3) Group support

Some forms of alcohol abuse treatment do not include support from a peer group who is also giving up alcohol.  The element of group interaction is a pretty big deal when it comes to recovery from addiction, and most people will not be able to make it in recovery without the added support of their peers.  Alcohol treatment centers incorporate this group element by treating you in a group setting with a number of your peers there to help you.


1) Expensive

Inpatient rehab is expensive.  There is no way around this.  You might be covered by insurance, or Medicaid, or some other form of payment, but someone is paying for rehab, and it is not cheap.

2) Not guaranteed

The success rates of recovery are not real encouraging, and the outcome from a stay in treatment is not certain at all.  In fact, the vast majority who leave rehab will relapse within the first year.  There are no magic treatment centers that boast a significantly higher success rates, no matter what they all claim.  It takes a lot of hard work to stay sober, regardless of what rehab you attend.

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