AA Meeting Schedule and Meeting Finder for Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Meeting Schedule and Meeting Finder for Alcoholics Anonymous


This is a guide to help you find an AA meeting. Once you find one, go to it, and the people there will help you find more. Once there, be sure to ask them for a meeting list for your area. This is the best way to get plugged into your local meetings. Just find one, ask for information, and go from there. I can just about guarantee that all of the recovering alcoholics at your first meeting will bend over backwards to help you and show you where additional meetings are. It’s just that kind of fellowship.

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So here are some different meeting finders. There are a bunch of them, because none of them seem to have every single meeting listed. Also, there are a lot of broken links and out-of-date information regarding meetings on the internet, but there is simply no way around this. Meetings change from time to time and these databases rarely get updated. So remember, after you go to your first meeting, be sure to ask for an up-to-date meeting list.

One of these links should be able to lead you to an AA meeting where you live:

State by State AA Meeting List

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Map of U.S. click your State for Meetings

Meeting finder by state with regional phone numbers

National Phone numbers for world services, etc.

AA World Services – How to find a meeting

List of NA and AA meeting – statewide and worldwide

If you are still having trouble finding even a single AA meeting with the resources above, you can also try the following:

1) Call a local treatment center or Drug rehab facility and ask them for information. You can also stop by one of these places and it is likely that they will have meeting schedules available.

2) Go to Google and type in the name of your state and “AA meetings.” You can also try the name of your city as well.

3) Find a local crisis hotline and call them up and ask them to direct you to a meeting.

Still hesitant to take that first step?

“Meeting makers make it.” This is often heard around the tables of AA and NA, and for good reason: there is a strong tendency for relapse for those who drift away from twelve step meetings. This is debatable, however, because people at an AA meeting are a “self-selecting group.” In other words, people who do drift away from AA meetings don’t come back and tell everyone that they are doing great. However, several people do return and say that they relapsed after they stopped attending.

Even if you are hesitant about the AA program, you cannot deny the overwhelming level of support that you will find at any twelve step meeting. The common bond of trying to recover from alcoholism or addiction is enough to create a powerful connection, even if you do not agree with their methods or techniques. Open-mindedness will serve you well here. Just go and listen to others if you prefer. Share your story and where you are at with everything. If you don’t think AA can work for you, then tell the people that….they are all busy practicing love and tolerance and are not afraid to be scrutinized. It is likely that they will encourage you to give AA a try and to stay open minded about it. If you have come this far in reading this, I would encourage you to do the same. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Good luck to you on your journey. Go find that first meeting!

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