Is It Worth Undergoing A Treatment Abroad To Recover From Your Alcohol...

Is It Worth Undergoing A Treatment Abroad To Recover From Your Alcohol Addiction?

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Just the other day, when I was doing some shopping for a small trip my wife and I decided to take this weekend, I ran into a former ‘colleague’ of mine, Shana. I met Shana a few years ago during the time when I was committed to the AA meetings. Although I decided to give up the AA meetings, at that time this support group seemed to work perfectly for her. Apparently I was wrong, since she informed me that she was also doing shopping, but instead of a vacation, she was about to embark on an alcohol addiction treatment abroad.

Why Would Somebody Want to Travel So Far to Escape Alcohol?

I must admit that when she mentioned she was going to undergo treatment abroad, I was very skeptical regarding her intentions to stay true to sobriety. After all, it’s hard enough to deal with the everyday things after rehab in a familiar environment where you’re surrounded by people you know and love. So in a foreign land, will it be even harder to handle?

Shana must have guessed my thoughts as she invited me for a cup of coffee to catch up. She told me that soon after I left the AA support group, she also gave it more thought and decided to start looking for another group. On a side note, Shana and I used to have a common friend: you guessed it, Jack. After trying out various groups that shared the same views on life as AA with unsuccessful results, she decided to pursue a recovery treatment abroad.

She went on and confessed that she feels her recovery is on a standstill: she undergoes rehab, tries her best to stay on the right path, only to end up relapsing after a while. It was clear to her that she needed to break the circle and try something new. Since she didn’t share my secular views, she decided that an abroad clinic would constitute the best choice for her.

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From her point of view, by traveling halfway around the globe to turn her life around, she would feel more like she was rewarding herself for doing the right thing. Combining rehab with a vacation abroad made the whole process more meaningful for her. In addition, she was convinced that this time, her journey into sobriety will not only be special, but also memorable.

Do These Treatments Really Work?

Seeing her confidence, I became very curious as to what these abroad treatments entailed. To my surprise, they’re nothing like the exotic treatments and therapies I imagined them to be. In fact, these clinics provide some extra options and programs that you wouldn’t normally find back home and that could prove more suitable for some people. Other than that, the principles of breaking free from alcohol are applied similarly to the clinics and treatment centers in the US.

Whether they work or not ultimately depends on the person who commits to these treatments and the center he or she selects. If you’re not satisfied with your current recovery program, I invite you to check out these alternatives. While the idea of traveling abroad isn’t going to appeal to everyone, it’s good to know you have your options open.

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