Where Can I Find Free Rehab Centers for Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery?

Where Can I Find Free Rehab Centers for Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery?


Many struggling addicts and alcoholics have asked me: “where can I find free rehab centers for my addiction?”

The answer is that you can probably find help, and it will probably be either very cheap or even free, but it might not be exactly what you thought you needed or what you want.

Keep in mind that most drug addicts and alcoholics who are still using do not know exactly what it is that they need.  They have tried to solve their addiction problem on their own and they have failed repeatedly.  So they do not necessarily know what will help them best, or what type of treatment they need, and so on.

If someone is offered free treatment of any sort and they vehemently oppose that treatment, then that is a red flag that they person might not be ready to surrender to their addiction at this time.

People who are truly desperate to get clean and sober are not picky about the help that they are offered.  Just something to keep in mind when you try to gauge someone’s level of willingness.

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So the first thing that you will want to do in trying to find free or extremely cheap treatment for addiction is to simply call up local treatment centers that are near you.  Get on the phone and call them.  If you cannot locate any, then get on the phone and call a local help line and ask them.  Failing that, call up local hospitals and ask to speak to a social worker or even someone in the ER.  Be persistent in this line of questioning and you should be able to locate the phone numbers of local rehabs in your area.

Next, get on the phone and call up the local treatment centers.  Ask lots of questions and be exceedingly polite with them.  Humble yourself and ask what it would take for you to get into rehab.  Do not come across with the attitude that “everyone should get to go to rehab for free.”  This is arrogant and misguided as well.  Rehab is very expensive and there is plenty of overhead and salaries to be paid, whether you put up any money or not.  Someone is paying for every client in rehab.  The money has to come from somewhere and there really is no free ride.

With that in mind, be very nice and hopeful when you speak to a local rehab center.  If they cannot help you, ask them if there are any other agencies that possibly could help you.  What would it take for a rehab center to admit you?  Keep asking questions until you get your foot in the door or a lead to something else.  There are almost always other options available.

Typically what happens is that a person can pay for treatment with cash, private insurance, medicare, or medicaid.  If the person does not have any of those options available to them, then it is highly likely that they will qualify for some type of government funding to go to rehab.  You might have to jump through a few hoops to get this funding.  You might have to write down more phone numbers and call a different agency.  They will likely interview you on the phone and decide if you qualify for funding or not.  Again, be polite, be humble, and ask questions.  No one owes you anything and rehab is very expensive.  If you can get in for free it is the gift of a lifetime.

Start local and go from there.  Get on the phone and be prepared to make lots of calls and get run around a bit.  In the end it will be worth it if you can get the help you need.


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