What Success Stories of Addiction Recovery and Overcoming Alcoholism Will Inspire You...

What Success Stories of Addiction Recovery and Overcoming Alcoholism Will Inspire You to Take Action?


If you need to get inspired to take action in order to overcome alcoholism then you should seek out success stories from people who are doing well in addiction recovery.

One place to find such people is at 12 step meetings.  But I do not necessarily think that people have to go to AA or NA just to get inspired.

If you are struggling to get clean and sober you can also find inspiration simply by checking in a drug rehab or addiction treatment center.  Being in treatment with a group of your peers can be a very powerful experience in terms of motivation.  There is a certain  camaraderie  that you get in rehab that you cannot find anywhere else, not even in AA meetings or groups.

The problem is that most people who get excited about that peer interaction in early recovery do not follow through with it.  It is just like leaving your high school after graduation: you are not going to see most of these people again.  Maybe one or two of them at the most.  And yet when you are all in treatment it is like “all of you against the world” and it seems that nothing could disband your little group.

So the key is this:

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When you leave treatment, do not cling to this little group that you have established in rehab.  It is not sustainable.

Instead, look to your next step on your journey.  It will not involve your peer group from rehab, unless they happen to follow you to a new support system.  But the key is this: do NOT rely on your peer group from treatment as your primary support system when you get out of rehab.


Because they are going to relapse.  Almost every one of them will relapse, and that is a statistical reality.  Most will not make it 30 days.  Over half of them will not make it a single month.  Seriously.  And 90 percent or more will relapse within the first year.  This is not a suitable support system.

No, you need to go find the success stories in recovery, out there “in the real world.”  When you are in rehab and you have your little peer group, you might imagine that things will be different for your group, and that many of you will stay clean and sober, because you experienced such close connections with each other, because you felt such intimacy with each other while in treatment, and so on.  But don’t fool yourself: the statistics don’t lie.  This is not a good support group for you.

So you need to leave rehab and get busy immediately.  If you are into the 12 step program then you need to go to a meeting the very first day that you leave rehab.  Do not wait 24 hours.  That is WAY too long.  You must go immediately.  And make sure the meeting that you attend is right near your home.  Find your closest support group and go to it immediately and involve yourself deeply.  This is your lifeline.

If you are not involved in 12 step programs then you need to take action regardless.  You need to do something, anything, to keep yourself from using drugs or alcohol.  You might join a church or just find others in recovery and connect with them, talk with them, hang out with them.  You might start exercising and work out vigorously on a regular basis.  This is much more helpful for recovery than most people realize or care to admit.   You might volunteer and help other people in some way and feel good about doing it.

Whatever you do, you need to take serious action so that you can become that next success story in recovery.  Most people do not make it after leaving treatment but the opportunity is there if you really want sobriety.  It is not about luck though, it is about action.  If you take enough positive action every day then you have the potential to create a new life of success in recovery.

Get busy, take serious action, and never look back.  Commit to daily personal growth in recovery and you can become one of the successful stories of overcoming addiction.  It is a path that requires courage because most of the positive action that you will take will be outside of your comfort zone at first.

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