What Addiction Resources for Recovery can Help me the Most?

What Addiction Resources for Recovery can Help me the Most?


When you need help with drug addiction or alcoholism where do you turn to? There are a number of different possible solutions for recovery but some of them work better than others, and of course it is all going to depend on the person as well. What works for some will not work for all. There are many paths in recovery.

That said, the solution should be obvious: test.

You need to test different things and find what works for you. No excuses. If you fail, if you relapse, then it is YOUR responsibility to get back on the horse and find some other way to recover. No one is going to do it for you. No one else can provide the willingness that this requires. You have to supply the motivation. Sure, you can ask for help. But the main thrust of your recovery has to come from deep within you. Never forget that.

Alcoholism resources

If you are an alcoholic and you can finally admit to your condition, then it might be time to go check out an AA meeting. Now I am not personally a big fan of 12 step programs in general, and I am not a huge proponent of AA, but I have to admit that it still makes sense as the best starting place for most people. This is because they have a near monopoly on helping alcoholics on a worldwide basis. Major cities around the world and pretty much every city in the States will have AA meetings.

Even if you don’t agree with their program 100 percent, you would be foolish not to at least investigate the support that they have to offer you.

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Some people never use any other form of help for their problem, and are able to recover just fine by using AA. It can be an effective solution for some. Worth investigating.

Drug addiction resources

Of course the flip side to AA is NA, or Narcotics Anonymous. They too have a 12 step program that simply addresses the idea of “drugs” rather than just limiting it to alcohol like AA does. In NA, they consider alcohol to just be another drug that you might use. Makes sense.

Again, the 12 step program of NA makes a pretty good starting point for most. But just like AA, this 12 step program is not a good fit for everyone. Many people will want to find a different solution, or they might believe that the 12 step program could never work for them. And maybe they are right. For example, I personally do not follow a 12 step program in my recovery, and I know others who basically carve their own path in sobriety as well. So it is not mandatory to use a 12 step program. They just make pretty good starting points.

Intervention resources

If you have a family member, loved one, or friend who is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, you have probably thought about the idea of doing a formal intervention in order to convince this person to go into rehab.

My suggestion would be to simply organize such an intervention yourself. Call up local addiction treatment centers or drug rehab centers and see if you can schedule an admission in advance. Get a slot lined up and then schedule your intervention around that time slot. Make your goal to convince this person to check into treatment. It takes some organizing and some serious phone time but if you want to organize this and make it all work then this is absolutely necessary.

Note that if you hire an expensive interventionist then you will most likely have to take many of these same steps anyway, only now someone will be coaching you and telling you to do this stuff. Just do it yourself and save the money by not hiring a specialist. The results that you get will not differ based on having a single “expert” on board.

Long term addiction recovery resources

One of the best choices that you can make in your recovery is to check in to a long term treatment facility. This is because you will get a huge amount of benefit from living in long term treatment and being fully immersed in recovery 24 hours each day. You can’t get much more support than actually living in rehab and having a supportive environment to help you through the early times.

Long term treatment can be very effective if you are serious about recovery. Take advantage of it if you get the opportunity and your recovery will become that much stronger.


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