The 3 Most Powerful Weapons in Your Addiction Recovery Arsenal

The 3 Most Powerful Weapons in Your Addiction Recovery Arsenal


What are your 3 most powerful weapons for your recovery?

The answer to this question will be a bit different for some people. The reason for this is that even though we might all work a similar program of recovery, the emphasis will be different for different people.

For example, some people pretty much ignore recovery literature. They might go to 12 step meetings, have a sponsor, work the steps, and do a lot of service work, but they just don’t really get into recovery literature. They have heard suggestions from other AA and NA members that it would be a good idea for them to get some recovery literature and read it, but they just can’t seem to get enthused about it.

And that’s OK. Remember, the creative theory of recovery is a results-based approach. We’re focused on the outcomes, not the processes. We know that the individual processes will be different for each person, and that they will largely take care of themselves. Given that, it makes sense that each of us will have certain “tools” that we use in our recovery that are more important than others.

Here are my 3 biggest tools in recovery. Keep in mind that yours might be different:

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1) Service work – otherwise known as “12 step work,” or simply working with other addicts and alcoholics. This has proven to be huge for me, and I continue to work with new addicts and alcoholics on a daily basis.

This is such a powerful tool that I highly recommend it to anyone in recovery. If you can help other addicts, it will help yourself in ways that you can not predict or necessarily even understand. But it is quite powerful.

2) Personal growth – It is not enough for me to stay clean in recovery and put my feet up and relax all day, accomplishing nothing. I have to push myself to grow in meaningful ways outside of the program. Exercise, nutrition, meditation, education….I have pushed myself to grow in all of these areas and more. Pursuing personal growth in multiple areas is all part of the holistic approach to recovery.

3) Gratitude – This shift in mindset from negative to positive thinking, combined with an immense appreciation for everything that happens in my life has proven to be a big key in my recovery. Gratitude works when everything else has failed. It is the attitude necessary to truly enjoy all the benefits of the creative life in recovery. It is also the mindset needed to enjoy a truly expansive learning experience in recovery. When you’re grateful you are engaged in learning; you’re ready to absorb new information. It opens you up to the world.

Try it!

What about you….what are your 3 biggest weapons in your recovery arsenal? Let us know in the comments….


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