Super Bowl and Relapse

Super Bowl and Relapse


Beer and football are tied together in American culture. During the Super Bowl, every grocery store sets up a Super Bowl party section in preparation for game day. How can recovering alcoholics stay on track during the most important game of the season? Awareness is key.

Beer Commercials

One of the pitfalls of watching the game is the beer commercials. More than half of the commercials aired during the Super Bowl have to do with drinking. Stay mindful during these game breaks. While beer is being advertised, mentally go over your gratitude list. Keep your goals ever present to prevent relapse. If the commercials are getting to you, consider leaving the room while they are on the screen. Ask a friend to call you back after every commercial break.

Keeping Control

In the heat of the moment, it becomes easier to lose control. Keep your support system near. In other words, invite the people you trust most to watch the game with you. These close friends and family members can be extra eyes for you: if you start to reach for a drink, somebody will be there to remind you what you are working on.

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The presence of loved ones serves a double purpose. They can vocalize reminders, as mentioned, and their presence is a reminder in and of itself. One reason to stay sober is for the sake of loved ones. Spending time with family and friends demonstrates how much can be lost.


Before sitting down to watch the game, remind yourself of all of your goals in some way. Read literature about sober living. This can include AA pamphlets. Write a gratitude list. This list will remind you of all the hard work you have already put into your recovery program. Make sure to thank yourself for the healthy choices you have been making! To make the message hit home, write a ‘harms prediction.’ Ask yourself what would be the worst thing that could happen if you were to relapse while enjoying this event with your friends. Now with both positive and negative sides in mind, you are ready for the big game!

Happy watching!

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