Sick While Detoxing

Sick While Detoxing


If you are sick while detoxing from drugs or alcohol then you have a couple of options.  One is to simply ride it out at your own home and try to make it through the withdrawal symptoms.  This is probably the least desirable option for most people, as they are probably feeling pretty lousy if they are doing research online about it.  But it is possible that you can get through withdrawal without medical help in most cases.  The exception to this is if you are detoxing from alcohol or certain other drugs such as Valium or Librium.  Those drugs, and alcohol, can actually be dangerous to come off of so you need to seek medical attention for that, especially if you start to shake and tremor really badly.  The other big warning sign for that is if you become delusional or start to see or hear things that are not there.  If that is the case then you should go to the emergency room for help.  But other than these exceptions, you can technically detox at home from most any drug and just ride it out and make it through.

Most drugs will take 3 days or so to do this.  A long detox would be 5 days.  If you are on, say, methadone, then it might take 5 days or longer to really start feeling decent again.  But it can be done.  And with most drugs it is closer to 3 days.

If you are sick and going through withdrawals then the best idea is to drink plenty of fluids and to sleep.  If you can keep drinking fluids and keep sleeping then you will make it through just fine.  Now most people complain that they cannot sleep at this point.  If so then that is fine….don’t even try for a while.  Stay awake for a day or two and keep pounding the fluids and you will sleep eventually.  The beauty of this is that you will probably sleep for so long that when you wake up you will be on the tail end of your detox.  So welcome the fact that you cannot sleep and just stay up for another day.  Then the next night you will sleep your way right out of your withdrawals and leave them behind forever.

The other option of course is to go to drug rehab and allow them to treat you for withdrawal.  They can give medication that will help and then taper you down from that.  It is a great way to do it if you can afford it.


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