Finding Your Best Solution for Recovery Addictions

Finding Your Best Solution for Recovery Addictions


If you are considering recovery, addictions, and rehab, then here is what you should do in order to get clean and sober.  Start by making a firm decision to do something about your problem.  This is the moment of surrender and really there is no way to fake it.  If you do not accept your powerlessness over drugs and alcohol then you are still going to fight with yourself to try and control your using and you will hang on to your old lifestyle.

Instead, let go of all that crap and ask for help. This is a huge key that you have to do in order to break through your denial and get started on any kind of new life.  If you do not ask for help then you are going to be stuck with your own solutions for overcoming addiction and you already proved to yourself that those do not work.

After you have asked for help regarding addiction recovery then you will probably get some suggestions from people.  It does not matter much who makes these suggestions or what they are, you should flat out try to follow them as they have got to be better than what your own ideas about living clean and sober are.  Find someone who has your best interests in mind and have them direct you towards help.  This will likely end up being rehab of some sort.

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The next thing you will want to do is to follow through with your plan.  The best tactic at this point is to take massive action with whatever your plan is.  If you are going to rehab then you should pay close attention and listen to any suggestions you get from the therapists and counselors there.  If you are going to try going to 12 step meetings then don’t just go to a few each week, instead go to a few every single day.  Go big with your recovery and you will get good results.  Most people fail at recovery from addiction because they do not put in the massive effort that is required to succeed.  If you want to stay clean and sober for the long run then you need to take massive action and find a path in recovery that works for you.  This will be a bit different for everyone so don’t try to be something you are not.  Find the solution and then work it.  Work it like you’ve never worked it before and good things will start to happen in your life.

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The principle of overwhelming force is important in your recovery solution because:

1) Most people underestimate what it takes to maintain sobriety.  Therefore, a strategy that involves going way above and beyond tends to work really well.

2) Making a modest effort in recovery always leads to eventual relapse.  The only sure fire method to continuous sobriety is continuous growth and development.  This requires much hard work.

3) Overcoming an addiction is likely the hardest thing you have ever had to do.  Only through a massive effort can you succeed.


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