A Positive Action Per Day Keeps Relapse Away!

A Positive Action Per Day Keeps Relapse Away!

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Let us remember that a poor quality of interpersonal relationships and a negative outlook do not constitute the exclusive trademark of people who abuse alcohol. However, negativity has been described as an attitude prevalent in alcoholics and addicts during the early stages of recovery.

You can easily judge addicts and simply tell them to change their ways, but things are not as simple. Negativity, in this case, stems from an unsatisfactory life experience. Because our behavior revolves around finding happiness, don’t forget that alcoholics act as they do because it gives them satisfaction and/or emotional security.

Alcohol recovery is not only about giving up drinking

Because both the negativity and the bad habit can represent means of finding balance, I believe it’s understandable why recovery is not entirely about giving up alcohol. As I see it, recovery also involves understanding what drives us to drink excessively and only after that, resolving the compulsive desire to drink.

The most important thing I understood from recovery is that wishing is not enough. I actually needed to do something about it if I want to gain my life back. Given all that free time I had on my hands after I got out of rehab, I realized that not engaging in different activities and feeling sorry for myself all day long can be more difficult than actually accomplishing something.

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‘Doing something’ meant focusing heart and soul on the recovery, especially with the overwhelming changes in my life. If you take action and do something positive every day, then you can be certain it will increase your overall positivity. Moreover, because it doesn’t require too much time or energy and it’s not perceived as a burden, positive actions are something everyone in recovery should subscribe to.

Positive actions you can try in recovery

The best thing about rehab is that it provided me with an environment where I could really focus on my personal resolutions. Because there were no distractions at the center, I couldn’t use the excuse of being too caught up in my life. Later on, I found out that it’s easier to let go of the negativity if you manage to link personal resolutions and positive actions with a greater goal.

For instance, one of the goals I had set for myself early in recovery was to become a less selfish person. To achieve my goal, I decided to devote at least half an hour a day for tending to other people’s needs. While it wasn’t much, doing it every day taught me how to listen and understand that other people have problems just as big as mine. Moreover, doing this on a daily basis meant I was getting closer to my goal, one step at a time.

You can build a better future for yourself

I want to point out that your goal should be more about progressing and less about reaching perfection. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel disappointed or lose all motivation in pursuing it simply because you didn’t get it right the first time.

If you plan to improve and escape your addiction, then wanting is not enough. To make your wish come true, you need to take action and get out of your safe zone. By performing a positive action today, you can make a better future for yourself. Create tomorrow today, my friends.

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