Natural Detox

Natural Detox


Is it really possible to detox naturally from drugs and alcohol?

Yes and no.

The problem is that it depends a bit on which drugs you are coming off from, and also how long you have been detoxing for. For example, one of the worst things that a person could try to do is to detox naturally (i.e., cold turkey) from a drug like alcohol. Doing so is incredibly dangerous and it can actually kill the alcoholic in some cases. But of course perhaps the natural way to detox from alcohol would be to slowly ween yourself off from it. This would actually be safe but what alcoholic could actually achieve such a feat? Not many. And therefore we pretty much have to intervene in some way with medications and medical supervision in some cases and remove the idea of “natural” from the equation.

A natural body detox will come later

So in the beginning of your addiction you might have to succumb to treatment or rehab in order to get started on the road to sobriety. But there is still room for a natural body detox in the later stages of your recovery. It is theorized that it can actually take several months to fully detox from some drugs and this is where you can concentrate your efforts. Part of this will simply be a holistic approach to recovery in which you attempt to exercise, eat healthy, and form good habits (and maybe lose some old ones, such as smoking!).

A natural detox diet for recovery

Really if you are in long term recovery then one of the best things you can do is to simply eat the healthiest diet that you can. If you did this and loaded up on eating fruits and vegetables every day and really cut down on the junk and the soda and the sugars and so on, then you would be doing great.

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But you can go a step further than this if you want to detox your body naturally and cleanse the system. Now from my perspective–there are no real health secrets here–a “natural” detox is one in which you do not put anything extra into your system. If you are taking pills or supplements or chemicals in order to “detox,” then how natural is that? It’s really not. So my preferred method of detox is a juice fast.

Now I am not a doctor, but I think it is important to stress that this is not a method for acute detox from drugs and alcohol. If that is the situation you are facing then I recommend that you go to a treatment center or a drug rehab with a medical detox facility in it. The idea of the juice fast is to get a deeper, Detox Cleanse for your body after you are living in recovery and are well past the initial detox phase.

Detox naturally with a juice fast

So for people in long term recovery (i.e., those who are not in acute detox from drugs or alcohol), they can do a juice fast to help cleanse their system out a bit deeper. I would recommend that you do a 3 day juice fast to start out with. Here is what I would recommend:

1) Drink juice for 3 days. Do not eat solid food. Drink as much as you like.

2) Try to use squeezed, fresh juice. If you can’t afford that, I buy V8 Fusion and mix in squeezed lemons into every glass. Make sure you strain the pulp out, as pulp is food and will ruin the fast.

3) Get some light exercise each day of the fast. This will help to accelerate the cleansing process because you will drop more weight.

Most people think they will be starving if they do such a fast, but really it is remarkable how little hunger you will feel. What happens is that your stomach basically turns off because it realizes that you are not feeding it, and it does not have to work at all to digest the juice you are giving it.

As a result, you will not have any hunger pains, and you will also have an abundance of energy. Expect to sleep less during your fast because you will not need it as much.

A natural liver detox

For the recovering alcoholic, this is a great way to help flush out the liver naturally of any accumulated toxins. There is debate as to whether or not this is actually true, but there are so many other benefits of fasting that it really does not matter. Anyone, including those in recovery from drugs and alcohol, can benefit greatly from a fast of this nature. You will drop some weight, feel full of energy, and learn to appreciate real food all over again instead of craving junk all the time. Give it a try, you might surprise yourself!

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